Visiting Scholars

Past Visiting Scholars

Visitor Period of stay Research interests
Adam Showman
Lunar and Planetary Lab, University of Arizona
2 Jul 2012 to 6 Aug 2012 Dynamics and evolution of planetary atmospheres and interiors
Prof. Ji Li
Hebei Normal University
20 Feb 2012 to 20 Jul 2012 Stellar chemistry, age and kinematics; Chemical evolution of the Galaxy.
Prof. Bing Zhang
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
19 Feb 2012 to 26 Feb 2012 High energy astrophysics; GRBs; Plusars.
Dr. Jonathan Davies
Cardiff University
8 Jan 2012 to 14 Jan 2012 Star formation histories and chemical evolution of nearby galaxies; Far infrared/sub-mm observations. Properties and origin of dwarf galaxies
Dr. Hao Yang
Central China Normal University
8 Jan 2012 to 12 Feb 2012 Star formation; Magnetic fields of young stars; Disks and accretion; Exoplanetary atmospheres.
Dr. NicK Kaiser
University of Hawaii
18 Dec 2011 to 21 Dec 2011 Large structure of the Universe
Dr. Yasunori Hori
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Tokyo
17 Dec 2011 to 22 Dec 2011 Planet formation.
Dr. Jacques Laskar
Institute d'Astrophysique, Paris
16 Dec 2011 to 30 Dec 2011 Planetary Dynamics
Dr. Manhoi Lee
Hong Kong University
15 Dec 2011 to 21 Dec 2011 Planetary Dynamics
Dr. H. Hubertus Klahr
Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy
29 Nov 2011 to 4 Dec 2011 Star and planet formation, Turbulence, Computational astrophysics, Super computing, Magneto-, Hydrodynamics, Radiation transport, Accretion disks.