By Taxi

After arriving at the Beijing International Airport, visitors can take a taxi to get to PKU. The distance between the Airport and the campus is about 30 km and the trip takes about 45 min, costing about 150 yuan. Please also ask the driver for the receipt if you need the reimbursement. Si Huan (the 4th ring road) is a preferable choice of route.


1 Airport ---> Globle Village Hotel (中关新园酒店)

2 Airport ---> Lake View Hotel (博雅国际酒店)

3 Airport ---> Shaoyuan Hotel (勺园宾馆)

4 Airport ---> FX Hotel (富驿时尚酒店)

Globle Village Hotel——>KIAA

Lake View Hotel ——>KIAA

Shaoyuan Hotel ——>KIAA

8 FX Hotel ——>KIAA

Campus gates ---> KIAA

Show the guard at the campus gates with the Entrance Permission letter(进门条)



By Subway

Take the airport express train (station right across from the arrival levels in Terminals 2 and 3, RMB25) to Sanyuan Qiao station (on subway line 10); transfer to subway there (RMB2). Consult the subway map to reach the east gate of Peking University (linked by line 4). From the East gate, it's 10 and 15 minutes walk to Shaoyuan and KIAA, respectively (both inside the campus), or about 5 minutes walk to Zhongguan Global Village (to the east of east gate).  Local Subway Lines

Walking Instruction:

Campus gates --->  KIAA

Show the guard at the campus gates with the Entrance Permission letter (进门条)




If you plan to drive into the campus, please let us know your plate numbers before you enter(call +86-010-62756630), we will make an entrance appointment for you.

Driving Instruction:

Campus gates ---> KIAA



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