Kavli Visiting Scholars program

The Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (KIAA) has initiated the Kavli Visiting Scholars program.  The program supports astrophysicists across the Kavli network to spend a meaningful period of time (2 to 4 weeks) in residence at KIAA situated in Peking University (PKU). During the visit, the Kavli Visiting Scholar gives a KIAA/PKU colloquium and is encouraged to participate in various formal and informal activities to interact with members and students at KIAA and the PKU Department of Astronomy.


KIAA is an international center for astrophysics with English as the working language. It has actively engaged in creating an intellectual atmosphere to facilitate exchange among domestic and international scientists. The Kavli Visiting Scholars program is part of this effort to stimulate scientific interactions, broaden the scientific horizons of KIAA, and potentially foster new collaborations. For more introduction to KIAA, please visit: http://kiaa.pku.edu.cn/about/introduction


The candidates for the Kavli Visiting Scholars are nominated by KIAA faculty members, and a selection committee is established to make recommendations to the Director. The program fully reimburses the travel expenses of the Kavli Visiting Scholars, including air tickets (economic class) and accommodation costs during the stay at KIAA. For more information regarding logistics of visiting KIAA, please visit: http://kiaa.pku.edu.cn/visitor-info


Previous and Future Kavli Visting Scholars

Kevin Bundy (Tokyo/KIPMU) November, 2014
Sverre Aarseth (Cambridge) November-December, 2014
Daniel Fabrycky (Chicago) January, 2015
Tom Abel (Stanford/KIPAC) March, 2015
Hsiao-Wen Chen (Chicago/KICP) March, 2015
Angela Olinto (Chicago/KICP) September, 2015
Roberto Maiolino (Cambridge) October, 2015
Evan Kirby (Caltech) April, 2016
Tsevi Mazeh(Tel Aviv University) May, 2016
Keiichi Umetsu (ASIAA)  May, 2016
Kohta Murase (Penn State)  July, 2016  
Aigen Li (Missouri) July-August, 2016
Martin Haehnelt (Cambridge) August-September, 2016
Stuart Wyithe (Melbourne) March- April, 2017 
Albrecht Karle (UWisc) July, 2017
Barbara Catinella (ICRAR/UWA) September, 2017
Sherry Suyu (MPA) September-October, 2017
Laura Sales (UCR) October, 2017
Eli Waxman (WIS) October, 2017
Simon Lilly(ETH Zurich) October-November, 2017
Marcella Carollo(ETH Zurich) October-November, 2017
Masami Ouchi (Tokyo) November, 2017
Antonios Tsokaros (Illinois) December, 2017
Dong Lai(Cornell) April, 2018
Eiichi Egami(University of Arizona) June, 2018
Christian Wolf(ANU) June, 2018
Boaz Katz(Weizmann Institute) August, 2018
Emiko Hiyama(Kyushu Univeristy) September, 2018
Scott Tremaine (IAS, Princeton) October, 2018
Piero Madau (UC Santa Cruz) October, 2018
Dan Stark (University of Arizona) May, 2019
David Ian Jones (University of Southampton) May, 2019
Filippo Mannucci (Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory) May, 2019
Victor Debattista(University of Central Lancashire) June, 2019
Se-Heon Oh (Sejong University) July, 2019