Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Nicolas Caballero

KIAA Postdoc
Office: 407
Research interests: Precision pulsar timing, Pulsar timing arrays, Gravitational waves, Noise analysis, tests of gravity theories with pulsar timing

Siyuan Chen(陈偲源)

KIAA Fellow
Office: K407
Research interests: Astrophysical Inference from Pulsar Timing Array observations, massive black holes and their gravitational wave emission, galaxy formation and evolution and the relation with the central black holes

Yun Fang(方芸)

PKING Fellow
Office: KIAA 307
Research interests: General relativity, Gravitational waves, Compact objects, Triple system, Post-Newtonian formalism

Xiaoting Fu (符晓婷)

Boya Fellow
Office: 218
Research interests: stellar evolution, stellar clusters, chemical abundances, Galactic chemical evolution

Yuming Fu (傅煜铭)

CSST Fellow
Office: K218
Research interests: Quasar surveys, optical and near-IR observations, photometric redshift, astrostatistics, machine learning / deep learning for astrophysics, statistical astrometry.

Meicun Hou(侯美存)

KIAA Fellow, Boxin Fellow
Office: K211
Research interests: High energy astrophysics, galaxy formation and evolution, X-ray binaries, hot gas halo, cluster of galaxies, intra-cluster medium, AGNs.

Junjie Jin (金骏杰)

DoA Postdoc
Office: 211
Research interests: Active galactic nuclei, Host galaxies of QSOs

Dicong Liang(梁迪聪)

KIAA Postdoc
Office: K407
Research interests: gravitational waves, modified gravity

Tingting Lin(林婷婷)

DoA Postdoc
Office: DoA 2919
Research interests: Evolution and radiation of pulsar wind nebulae

Chao Ma (马超)

PKING Fellow
Office: 215
Research interests: galaxy morphology and decomposition,galaxy cluster,galaxy formation and evolution.

Juan Molina

PKING fellow
Office: 211
Research interests: Galaxy morpho-kinematics and dynamics using emission line gas tracers such as CO and Halpha. AGN feedback on galactic scales. Star formation Activity.

Masafusa Onoue

Kavli Astrophysics Fellow
Office: K211
Research interests: early growth of supermassive black holes and host galaxies,large-scale environments of supermassive black holes,cosmic reionization,wide-field surveys

Yu Qiu (邱宇)

KIAA Fellow
Office: 407
Research interests: Radiation-hydrodynamic simulations of galaxy clusters, AGN feedback in brightest cluster galaxies, Physics of the intracluster medium, Computational astrophysics

Bitao Wang (汪碧涛)

KIAA Postdoc
Office: 215
Research interests: Galaxy stellar kinematics and dynamics; Star formation and metal enrichment histories of galaxies

Weiyang Wang(王维扬)

DoA Postdoc
Office: DoA Rm 2921W
Research interests: high energy astrophysics, such as FRB, pulsar, etc.

Jin Wu (吴晋)

CSST Fellow
Office: KIAA 215
Research interests: Observations of high-redshift Quasars and Galaxies, re-ionization epoch, evolution of supermassive black holes.

Bingxiao Xu (徐冰笑)

PKING Fellow
Office: 407
Research interests: Strong gravitational lensing of galaxy clusters, galaxy formation and evolution, sub-galactic star-forming structures

Rui Xu (徐睿)

Boya Fellow
Office: 215
Research interests: Gravitational theories, tests of fundamental principles in gravitational theories, the evolution of binary star systems, the generation of gravitational waves under Lorentz-invariance violation, Lorentz-invariance violation in quantum gravity.

Weiwei Xu (徐伟伟)

BHOLE Fellow
Office: 407
Research interests: galaxy cluster or group, high-energy astrophysics, cosmology, AGNs, X-ray binaries.

Haifeng Yang(杨海峰)

Boya Fellow
Office: K211
Research interests: Protoplanetary disks, Planet formation

Nannan Yue (岳楠楠)

FAST Fellow
Office: 218
Research interests: interstellar medium, star formation, turbulence and magnetic field in molecular clouds, radio observation.

Siju Zhang (张驷驹)

KIAA Fellow
Office: K215
Research interests: Early high-mass star formation and its interaction with the complex environment in our Galaxy. Interferometric observations toward early high-mass star formation sites.

Yutao Zhou (周渝涛)

DoA Postdoc
Office: 407
Research interests: Stellar evolution, chemical abundances, Galactic chemical evolution

Shuo Zhang (张硕)

Boya Fellow
Office: K211
Research interests: stellar physics, red subdwarf, stellar atmospheric parameters and kinematics

Pei Zuo (左沛)

Office: 407
Research interests: Galaxy interactions and evolution, interstellar medium evolution and star formation.

Former Postdoc

Name Term of Employment Current Unit

Bumhyun Lee

Boya Fellow, PKING Fellow (2019-12 to 2021-11) Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute,Postdoc

Moran Xia (夏默然)

KIAA postdoc (2019-11 to 2021-10)

Tomonari Michiyama (道山知成)

KIAA Fellow (2019-10 to 2021-03) Osaka University,Postdoc

Xuhao Wu (武旭浩)

DoA Postdoc (2019-09 to 2021-08) Yanshan Univerisity,Faculty

Yongjung Kim

KIAA Fellow (2019-09 to 2021-09) Kyungpook National University,Faculty

Shravan Shetty

PKING Fellow (2019-09 to 2021-08) Company

Shuang Du (杜双)

DoA Postdoc (2019-09 to 2021-08) Wenzhou University,Faculty

Weihua Wang (汪卫华)

DoA Postdoc (2019-08 to 2021-09) Wenzhou University,Faculty

Siwei Zou (邹思蔚)

BHOLE Fellow (2018-11 to 2021-10) Tsinghua University, Postdoc

David Fernández Arenas

PKING Fellow (2018-11 to 2020-10)

Dohyeong Kim

KIAA Fellow (2018-10 to 2020-08) Pusan National University,Faculty

Hassen Yesuf

KIAA-Kavli IPMU Fellow (2018-09 to 2021-02) Kavli IPMU,Postdoc

Sonali Sachdeva

PKING Fellow (2018-08 to 2020-08)

Chun Wang (王春)

DoA Postdoc (2018-07 to 2021-04) Tianjin Normal University,Faculty

Anupam Bhardwaj

Boya Fellow (2018-05 to 2020-10) Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute,Postdoc

Jingjing Shi (史晶晶)

KIAA-ICRAR Fellow (2017-12 to 2019-11) Kavli IPMU, Postdoc

Toky Herimandimby Randriamampandry

BHOLE Fellow (2017-11 to 2021-10) University of Science and Technology of China,Postdoc

Tapas Baug

PKING Fellow (2017-11 to 2021-03) S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences,Faculty

Ye Li (李晔)

KIAA-CAS Fellow (2017-11 to 2021-03) Purple Mountain Observatory,CAS, Faculty

Youkyung Ko

DoA Postdoc (2017-11 to 2019-11) Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Postdoc

Kai Wang (王凯)

DoA Postdoc (2017-11 to 2019-10) Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Faculty

Ming-yi Lin (林明仪)

KIAA postdoc (2017-11 to 2018-06) ASIAA, Postdoc

Li Shao(邵立)

ANU-KIAA Fellow (2017-10 to 2019-10) NAOC, Faculty

Min Du (杜敏)

KIAA-CAS Fellow (2017-09 to 2020-08) Xiamen University, Faculty

Ravi Joshi

BHOLE Fellow (2017-09 to 2021-03) Indian Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics,Faculty

Chandrachur Chakraborty

BHOLE Fellow (2017-09 to 2021-02) Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences,Faculty

Xiaolong Yang (杨小龙)

KIAA postdoc (2017-09 to 2019-09) SHAO, Faculty

John Graham

KIAA Fellow (2017-09 to 2020-08)

Dongyao Zhao (赵冬瑶)

BHOLE Fellow, Boya Fellow (2017-05 to 2020-02) Beijing Planetarium,Faculty

Yang Huang (黄样)

DoA postdoc, LAMOST Fellow (2016-11 to 2018-05) Yunnan University, Faculty

Kexin Guo(郭可欣)

KIAA Postdoc (2016-10 to 2020-08) Tech Wolf Lab

Jongsuk Hong

KIAA Fellow (2016-10 to 2019-09) Yongsei University, Faculty

Jincheng Guo(郭金承)

DOA Postdoc (2016-10 to 2019-03) University College London, Postdoc

Alessia Longobardi

KIAA Fellow (2016-10 to 2018-09) Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille

Kohei Hayashi

KIAA Fellow (2016-10 to 2017-09) National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Su Yao(姚苏)

KIAA -CAS Fellow (2016-07 to 2019-09) Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Postdoc

Shu Wang(王舒)

KIAA Fellow (2016-07 to 2019-06) NAOC, Faculty

Subhash Bose

KIAA Postdoc (2016-06 to 2019-06) The Ohio State University, Postdoc

Yuanpei Yang(杨元培)

KIAA - CAS Fellow (2016-06 to 2019-04) Yunnan University, Faculty

Claudio Ricci

Chile-China Postdoc Fellow (2016-03 to 2018-03) Universidad Diego Portales, Faculty

Xiangkun Liu (刘项琨)

DoA Postdoc (2015-11 to 2017-06) Yunnan University, Faculty

Zhijia Tian (田志佳)

DoA Postdoc (2015-10 to 2018-06) Yunnan University, Faculty

Yanxia Xie (谢艳霞)

KIAA Postdoc (2015-10 to 2021-09)

Yonghwi Kim

KIAA Fellow (2015-10 to 2017-10) Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS)

Alexander Kolodzig

KIAA Fellow (2015-10 to 2017-09) Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Postdoc

Petchara Pattarakijwanich

KIAA Fellow (2015-10 to 2017-09) Mahidol University, Faculty

Smitha Subramanian Hari Sharma

KIAA Fellow (2015-10 to 2017-09) Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Faculty

Michael Anthony Gully-Santiago

KIAA Postdoc (2015-10 to 2016-10) BAERI at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View

Sungsoon Lim

DoA Postdoc (2014-10 to 2018-07) University of Tampa, Postdoc

Jessy Jose

KIAA Postdoc (2014-10 to 2017-09) Indian Institute of Science Education and Research,Scientist

Hao-Ran Yu (于浩然)

KIAA-CITA Joint Postdoctoral Fellow (2014-07 to 2017-06) Shanghai Jiaotong University, Postdoc

Juanjuan Ren (任娟娟)

DoA Postdoc (2014-07 to 2016-06) National Astronomical Observatories, CAS, Scientist

Bingqiu Chen (陈丙秋)

DoA postdoc (2013-07 to 2017-06) Yunnan University, Faculty

Karla Alamo-Martínez

CAS-CONICYT China-Chile Fellow (2014-07 to 2015-06) Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Po

Jihye Shin

KIAA Fellow (2014-04 to 2015-12) Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Scientist

Xiaoyi Dong(董晓怡)

DoA Postdoc (2013-10 to 2016-03) Company

Fupeng Zhang (张福鹏)

KIAA postdoc (2013-10 to 2015-09) Guangzhou University, Faculty

Nahiely Flores Fajardo

DoA postdoc (2013-07 to 2015-06) National Autonomous University of Mexico, Faculty

Z. Lucas Uhm (严整辉)

KIAA postdoc (2013-04 to 2015-03) NASA, Postdoc

Alberto Rebassa Mansergas

LAMOST Fellow (2012-10 to 2015-03) Universitat Politecnia de Catalunya(Spain), Faculty

Hongxin Zhang (张红欣)

CAS-CONICYT China-Chile Fellow (2012-09 to 2015-03) University of Science and Technology of China, Faculty

Yanli Ai(艾艳丽)

DoA postdoc (2012-09 to 2014-10) Shenzhen Technology University, Faculty

Yohai Meiron (林友海)

KIAA Fellow (2012-04 to 2015-12) Eötvös University(Budapest), Postdoc

Haibo Yuan (苑海波)

LAMOST Fellow, KIAA Fellow (2011-10 to 2015-09) Beijing Normal University, Faculty

Andreas Schulze

KIAA Fellow (2011-10 to 2013-09) National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Postdoc

Peter Anders

Postdoc (2011-07 to 2013-06) Company

Xuan Fang (方玄)

DoA Postdoc (2011-07 to 2013-06) Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia, Postdoc

Sakurako Okamoto (冈本樱子)

KIAA Fellow (2011-04 to 2014-03) NAOJ, Faculty

Lorenzo Faccioli

Postdoc (2011-04 to 2012-09) CEA Saclay, Postdoc

Thomas M. Hughes

KIAA Fellow (2011-01 to 2012-12) University of Valparaiso, Postdoc

Xian Chen (陈弦)

KIAA Fellow (2010-10 to 2012-09) Peking University, Faculty

Yang-Shyang Li

KIAA Fellow (2010-10 to 2012-09) National Astronomical Observatories, NAOC

Chengze Liu (刘承泽)

DoA Postdoc (2010-10 to 2012-09) Shanghai Jiaotong University, Faculty

Ruben Garcia Benito

KIAA Fellow (2009-10 to 2011-09) Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía, Postdoc

Matthias Gritschneder

KIAA Fellow (2009-10 to 2011-09) University Observatory of the LMU Munich, Scientist

Fuguo Xie

KIAA Fellow (2009-07 to 2011-06) Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS, Faculty

Ho Bun Lau

KIAA Fellow (2008-04 to 2009-03) Schlumberger Gould Research Centre(UK), Scientist

Zhiying Huo(霍志英)

DoA Postdoc (2007-10 to 2009-12) NAOC,Faculty

Stephen Justham

KIAA Fellow (2008-10 to 2014-11) University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Faculty