Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Verónica Vázquez-Aceves

Boya fellow
Office: K401
Research interests: Gravitational waves astrophysics, stellar dynamics, LISA/TianQin gravitational waves sources, extreme and extremely large mass ratio inspirals, intermediate mass black holes.

Yuhiko Aoyama

Boya Fellow
Office: K211
Research interests: Planet formation, Star formation, Protoplanetary disk, Giant planets, Exoplanets, Accretion shock

Meng-Hua Chen (陈梦华)

KIAA Fellow
Office: K307
Research interests: Nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics, high energy astrophysics

Xinkai Chen (陈新凯)

KIAA Postdoc
Office: K401
Research interests: Galaxy formation and evolution, integral or spatially resolved scaling relations of galaxies, polar-ring galaxy

Torben Frost

KIAA Postdoc
Office: K401
Research interests: black holes, gravitational lensing and gravitational wave theory in addition: general relativity, theories of massive gravity, quantum gravity, and their observational effects in multimessenger astrophysics

Meicun Hou(侯美存)

KIAA Fellow, Boxin Fellow
Office: K211
Research interests: High energy astrophysics, galaxy formation and evolution, X-ray binaries, hot gas halo, cluster of galaxies, intra-cluster medium, AGNs.

Guangxuan Lan(蓝广旋)

Boya fellow
Office: K407
Research interests: Transients,Host galaxies of transients,First galaxies and stars

Haoxiang Lin (林浩翔)

KIAA Fellow
Office: K211
Research interests: High energy astrophysics, binary neutron star mergers, gamma-ray bursts, fast radio bursts.

Siqi Liu(刘思琦)

KIAA Postdoc
Office: K215
Research interests: Emission-line compact galaxies, spatially-resolved SED fitting, galaxy formation and evolution and the relation with black holes.

Yudong Luo(罗煜东)

DoA Postdoc
Office: DoA 2921W
Research interests: Big Bang Cosmology, Big Bang Nucleosynthesis, Explosive Nucleosynthesis

Bing Lyu (吕兵)

CSST Fellow
Office: K218
Research interests: Changing-look AGNs, AGN's timing and spectral evolution, multi-wavelength observations such as radio, optical/UV, Infrared, and X-ray.

Zhenwei Lyu(吕振伟 )

Boya Fellow
Office: K407
Research interests: Gravitational waves, Waveform models, Data analysis, Strong gravity, Formation channels of compact objects, Gravitational lensed GW events, and any other related area.

Chao Ma (马超)

PKING Fellow
Office: K215
Research interests: galaxy morphology and decomposition,galaxy cluster,galaxy formation and evolution.

Zhan-Feng Mai(麦展风)

KIAA Postdoc
Office: K215
Research interests: Black Hole Physics, Gravitational Waves, Quasi-normal Modes

Vineet Ojha

Boya fellow
Office: K218
Research interests: Multi-Wavelength Study of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies, timing and spectral variability of AGNs, optical polarization study of AGNs, multi-wavelength observations of AGNs such as Optical/UV and X-ray.

Haitian Wang(王海天)

KIAA Postdoc
Office: K407
Research interests: Testing general relativity; Black-hole charge; Quasi-normal modes, Bayesian inference

Lin Wang(王琳)

Boya Fellow
Office: K307
Research interests: Pulsar search, Pulsar timing, Globular Clusters, Radio telescope Array.

Kai Wang (王凯)

KIAA Fellow
Office: K307
Research interests: Galaxy groups; protoclusters; environmental effects on galaxies etc.

Wenli Yuan (苑文莉)

DoA Postdoc
Office: DoA 2913S
Research interests: QCD phase transition, quark matter, effective field theory, compact stars and gravitational

Garvin Yim

KIAA Postdoc
Office: K407
Research interests: Gravitational waves (continuous and bursts), neutron stars, pulsar timing irregularities (glitches/timing noise), neutron star oscillations, neutron star mountains

Tuan Yi(伊团)

Boya fellow
Office: K401
Research interests: stellar systems, binary stars, stellar spectroscopy and photometry, compact objects, optical time-domain astronomy.

Liang-Gui Zhu(朱良贵)

Boya Fellow
Office: K401
Research interests: Inferring the expansion of the Universe using GW detections and galaxy surveys, Gravitational-wave data processing, the "last parsec problem" of massive black hole binary merger, etc.

Former Postdoc

Name Term of Employment Current Unit

Siyuan Chen(陈偲源)

KIAA Fellow (2021-12 to 2024-03) SHAO,Postdoc

Masafusa Onoue

Kavli Astrophysics Fellow (2021-12 to 2023-11) IPMU, Postdoc

Haifeng Yang(杨海峰)

Boya Fellow (202111-202403) Zhejing University, Faculty

Bitao Wang (汪碧涛)

KIAA Postdoc (202110-202309)

Dicong Liang(梁迪聪)

KIAA Postdoc (2021-09 to 2024-02) Southern Medical University,Faculty

Yuming Fu (傅煜铭)

CSST Fellow (2021-09 to 2023-05) Leiden University,Postdoc

Siju Zhang (张驷驹)

KIAA Fellow (2021-06 to 2023-05)

Tingting Lin(林婷婷)

DoA Postdoc (2021-04 to 2023-03)

Weiyang Wang(王维扬)

DoA Postdoc (2021-03 to 2023-02)

Nannan Yue (岳楠楠)

FAST Fellow (2020-12 to 2023-11)

Jin Wu (吴晋)

CSST Fellow (2020-09 to 2022-08) Company

Yun Fang(方芸)

PKING Fellow (2020-09 to 2022-06) Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics,Postdoc

Shuo Zhang (张硕)

Boya Fellow (2020-06 to 2023-09)

Bumhyun Lee

Boya Fellow, PKING Fellow (2019-12 to 2021-11) Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute,Postdoc

Junjie Jin (金骏杰)

DoA Postdoc (2019-11 to 2022-10) NAOC,Faculty

Juan Molina

PKING Fellow (2019-11 to 2022-10) Chalmers Univ., Postdoc

Yu Qiu (邱宇)

KIAA Fellow (2019-11 to 2023-11) Zhejiang University, Postdoc

Moran Xia (夏默然)

KIAA postdoc (2019-11 to 2021-10)

Tomonari Michiyama (道山知成)

KIAA Fellow (2019-10 to 2021-03) Osaka University,Postdoc

Bingxiao Xu (徐冰笑)

PKING Fellow (2019-09 to 2024-03)

Xuhao Wu (武旭浩)

DoA Postdoc (2019-09 to 2021-08) Yanshan Univerisity,Faculty

Yongjung Kim

KIAA Fellow (2019-09 to 2021-09) Kyungpook National University,Faculty

Shravan Shetty

PKING Fellow (2019-09 to 2021-08) Company

Shuang Du (杜双)

DoA Postdoc (2019-09 to 2021-08) Wenzhou University,Faculty

Rui Xu (徐睿)

Boya Fellow (2019-05 to 2023-03) Tsinghua University,Postdoc

Weihua Wang (汪卫华)

DoA Postdoc (2019-08 to 2021-09) Wenzhou University,Faculty

Xiaoting Fu (符晓婷)

Boya Fellow (2019-05 to 2022-04) Purple Mountain Observatory,CAS, Faculty

Weiwei Xu (徐伟伟)

BHOLE Fellow (2019-05 to 2022-04) NAOC,Postdoc

Siwei Zou (邹思蔚)

BHOLE Fellow (2018-11 to 2021-10) Tsinghua University, Postdoc

David Fernández Arenas

PKING Fellow (2018-11 to 2020-10) INAOE,Postdoc

Pei Zuo (左沛)

KIAA-ICRAR Fellow (2018-10 to 2022-10) NAOC,Faculty

Dohyeong Kim

KIAA Fellow (2018-10 to 2020-08) Pusan National University,Faculty

Hassen Yesuf

KIAA-Kavli IPMU Fellow (2018-09 to 2021-02) SHAO,Faculty

Sonali Sachdeva

PKING Fellow (2018-08 to 2020-08) Raman Research Inst., Postdoc

Nicolas Caballero

KIAA Postdoc (2018-07 to 2022-06)

Chun Wang (王春)

DoA Postdoc (2018-07 to 2021-04) Tianjin Normal University,Faculty

Anupam Bhardwaj

Boya Fellow (2018-05 to 2020-10) Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute,Postdoc

Jingjing Shi (史晶晶)

KIAA-ICRAR Fellow (2017-12 to 2019-11) Kavli IPMU, Postdoc

Toky Herimandimby Randriamampandry

BHOLE Fellow (2017-11 to 2021-10) University of Science and Technology of China,Postdoc

Tapas Baug

PKING Fellow (2017-11 to 2021-03) S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences,Faculty

Ye Li (李晔)

KIAA-CAS Fellow (2017-11 to 2021-03) Purple Mountain Observatory,CAS, Faculty

Youkyung Ko

DoA Postdoc (2017-11 to 2019-11) Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Postdoc

Kai Wang (王凯)

DoA Postdoc (2017-11 to 2019-10) Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Faculty

Ming-yi Lin (林明仪)

KIAA postdoc (2017-11 to 2018-06) ASIAA, Postdoc

Li Shao(邵立)

ANU-KIAA Fellow (2017-10 to 2019-10) NAOC, Faculty

Yutao Zhou (周渝涛)

DoA Postdoc (2017-09 to 2022-05)

Min Du (杜敏)

KIAA-CAS Fellow (2017-09 to 2020-08) Xiamen University, Faculty

Ravi Joshi

BHOLE Fellow (2017-09 to 2021-03) Indian Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics,Faculty

Chandrachur Chakraborty

BHOLE Fellow (2017-09 to 2021-02) Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences,Faculty

Xiaolong Yang (杨小龙)

KIAA postdoc (2017-09 to 2019-09) SHAO, Faculty

John Graham

KIAA Fellow (2017-09 to 2020-08)

Dongyao Zhao (赵冬瑶)

BHOLE Fellow, Boya Fellow (2017-05 to 2020-02) Beijing Planetarium,Faculty

Yang Huang (黄样)

DoA postdoc, LAMOST Fellow (2016-11 to 2018-05) Yunnan University, Faculty

Kexin Guo(郭可欣)

KIAA Postdoc (2016-10 to 2020-08) Tech Wolf Lab

Jongsuk Hong

KIAA Fellow (2016-10 to 2019-09) Yongsei University, Faculty

Jincheng Guo(郭金承)

DOA Postdoc (2016-10 to 2019-03) University College London, Postdoc

Alessia Longobardi

KIAA Fellow (2016-10 to 2018-09) Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille

Claudio Ricci

Chile-China Postdoc Fellow (2016-03 to 2018-03) Universidad Diego Portales, Faculty

Kohei Hayashi

KIAA Fellow (2016-10 to 2017-09) National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Su Yao(姚苏)

KIAA -CAS Fellow (2016-07 to 2019-09) Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Postdoc

Shu Wang(王舒)

KIAA Fellow (2016-07 to 2019-06) NAOC, Faculty

Subhash Bose

KIAA Postdoc (2016-06 to 2019-06) The Ohio State University, Postdoc

Yuanpei Yang(杨元培)

KIAA - CAS Fellow (2016-06 to 2019-04) Yunnan University, Faculty

Xiangkun Liu (刘项琨)

DoA Postdoc (2015-11 to 2017-06) Yunnan University, Faculty

Smitha Subramanian Hari Sharma

KIAA Fellow (2015-10 to 2017-09) Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Faculty

Zhijia Tian (田志佳)

DoA Postdoc (2015-10 to 2018-06) Yunnan University, Faculty

Yanxia Xie (谢艳霞)

KIAA Postdoc (2015-10 to 2021-09) left academia

Yonghwi Kim

KIAA Fellow (2015-10 to 2017-10) Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS)

Alexander Kolodzig

KIAA Fellow (2015-10 to 2017-09) Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Postdoc

Petchara Pattarakijwanich

KIAA Fellow (2015-10 to 2017-09) Mahidol University, Faculty

Michael Anthony Gully-Santiago

KIAA Postdoc (2015-10 to 2016-10) BAERI at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View

Sungsoon Lim

DoA Postdoc (2014-10 to 2018-07) University of Tampa, Postdoc

Jessy Jose

KIAA Postdoc (2014-10 to 2017-09) Indian Institute of Science Education and Research,Scientist

Hao-Ran Yu (于浩然)

KIAA-CITA Joint Postdoctoral Fellow (2014-07 to 2017-06) Xiamen University, Faculty

Juanjuan Ren (任娟娟)

DoA Postdoc (2014-07 to 2016-06) National Astronomical Observatories, CAS, Scientist

Bingqiu Chen (陈丙秋)

DoA postdoc (2013-07 to 2017-06) Yunnan University, Faculty

Karla Alamo-Martínez

CAS-CONICYT China-Chile Fellow (2014-07 to 2015-06) Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Po

Jihye Shin

KIAA Fellow (2014-04 to 2015-12) Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Scientist

Xiaoyi Dong(董晓怡)

DoA Postdoc (2013-10 to 2016-03) Company

Fupeng Zhang (张福鹏)

KIAA postdoc (2013-10 to 2015-09) Guangzhou University, Faculty

Nahiely Flores Fajardo

DoA postdoc (2013-07 to 2015-06) National Autonomous University of Mexico, Faculty

Z. Lucas Uhm (严整辉)

KIAA postdoc (2013-04 to 2015-03) NASA, Postdoc

Alberto Rebassa Mansergas

LAMOST Fellow (2012-10 to 2015-03) Universitat Politecnia de Catalunya(Spain), Faculty

Hongxin Zhang (张红欣)

CAS-CONICYT China-Chile Fellow (2012-09 to 2015-03) University of Science and Technology of China, Faculty

Yanli Ai(艾艳丽)

DoA postdoc (2012-09 to 2014-10) Shenzhen Technology University, Faculty

Yohai Meiron (林友海)

KIAA Fellow (2012-04 to 2015-12) Eötvös University(Budapest), Postdoc

Haibo Yuan (苑海波)

LAMOST Fellow, KIAA Fellow (2011-10 to 2015-09) Beijing Normal University, Faculty

Andreas Schulze

KIAA Fellow (2011-10 to 2013-09) National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Postdoc

Peter Anders

Postdoc (2011-07 to 2013-06) Company

Xuan Fang (方玄)

DoA Postdoc (2011-07 to 2013-06) Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia, Postdoc

Sakurako Okamoto (冈本樱子)

KIAA Fellow (2011-04 to 2014-03) NAOJ, Faculty

Lorenzo Faccioli

Postdoc (2011-04 to 2012-09) CEA Saclay, Postdoc

Thomas M. Hughes

KIAA Fellow (2011-01 to 2012-12) University of Valparaiso, Postdoc

Xian Chen (陈弦)

KIAA Fellow (2010-10 to 2012-09) Peking University, Faculty

Yang-Shyang Li

KIAA Fellow (2010-10 to 2012-09) National Astronomical Observatories, NAOC

Chengze Liu (刘承泽)

DoA Postdoc (2010-10 to 2012-09) Shanghai Jiaotong University, Faculty

Ruben Garcia Benito

KIAA Fellow (2009-10 to 2011-09) Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía, Postdoc

Matthias Gritschneder

KIAA Fellow (2009-10 to 2011-09) University Observatory of the LMU Munich, Scientist

Fuguo Xie

KIAA Fellow (2009-07 to 2011-06) Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS, Faculty

Ho Bun Lau

KIAA Fellow (2008-04 to 2009-03) Schlumberger Gould Research Centre(UK), Scientist