Jessy Jose

KIAA Postdoc
Research interests: 
Galactic HII regions, embedded star clusters, triggered star formation, young stellar objects
Research Highlights: 

My research mainly focus on the Galactic star forming regions under  diverse environments. I use multi-wavelength data sets (optical to radio), in order to study their stellar contents, initial mass function (IMF) and star formation history. In our recent analysis, we found evidences of triggered star formation around  the shell of expanding HII regions,compressed  pre-existing clouds as well as in the matter collected between adjacent HII regions. The star formation seems to be a complex  process in each region and several physical processes can trigger star formation at the borders of the HII regions.  The above MIR color image of the HII region Sh2-252 shows the semi-circular ring structure (1.1 mm; white contours) along with the ionized gas distribution (1420 Mhz, green contours) at its border,  possibly created due to its expansion, and several hundreds of newly formed stars have been identified there. At KIAA, I am working with Gregory J. Herczeg on the various properties of classical and weak line T-Tauri stars.