Jing Wang Interviewed by the AAS Journals

Jing Wang, faculty of the Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Peking University, was invited by the American Astronomical Society (AAS) for an interview as part of the AAS Journal Author Series with the Senior Lead Editor of the AAS Journals, Prof. Frank Timmes. The main purpose of the interview is for Jing to introduce her newly published paper at ApJ, "The Diversity of Ram Pressure Stripping of the Galactic HI gas in the Hydra Cluster".

In the interview, Jing introduced the background of this research in the context of HI studies of galaxy evolution in clusters, as well as the observational advances realized by ASKAP WALLABY. She explained the analysis methods explored in the paper to match this new type of moderately resolved, large-field image data produced by WALLABY, and the exciting return in science, and promising potential for upcoming HI work. She thought that the credit of this work should go to the whole WALLABY team, particularly those in the author list. In the end, she mentioned the status and plan of the whole WALLABY project.

The interview video is released on theAAS YouTube channel, and is also available at BiliBili.

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Jing Wang (Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking University) chats about her AAS Journal article on gas stripping of galaxies, and where we can go from here given the published article.

Article: "WALLABY Pilot Survey: The Diversity of Ram Pressure Stripping of the Galactic H I Gas in the Hydra Cluster"

Jing's web presence: http://kavli.pku.edu.cn/~jwang/

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