KIAA Held an International Conference on Quasars

Group Photo

On October 21-25, 2019, an international conference on quasars and supermassive black holes was held at KIAA, Peking University. More than 100 researchers attended the meeting, and nearly half of them are international participants.


The conference aimed at bringing in observers and theorists in the field to review the progresses made in understanding quasar evolution and its cosmological implications, as well as challenges and opportunities with new quasar surveys in the coming decade. During the meeting, 15 invited talks and 45 contributed talks covered a wide range of topics, including the current and future surveys of quasars, evolution of the quasar population across cosmic time, quasars as cosmological probes, and birth and growth of supermassive black holes. 




The conference also provided a platform for future national and international collaborations in this important scientific field. In particular, it stimulated interactions between researchers at KIAA and other institutes worldwide. 

Conference Website: