Dark photon bursts from compact binary systems and constraints


In this work, we consider the burst signal of the dark photon, the hypothetical vector boson of the U_B or U_B-L gauge group, generated by a compact binary star system. The absence of the signal in the laser interferometer puts bounds on the coupling constant ϵ to the ordinary matter. It turns out that if the dark photon is massless, ϵ^2 is at the order of 10^-37–10^-33 at most; in the massive case, the upper bound of ϵ^2 is about 10^-38–10^-31 in the mass range from 10^-19 to 10^-11 eV. These are the first bounds derived from the interferometer observations independent of the assumption of dark photons being dark matter.

Shaoqi Hou 侯绍齐 (@WHU)
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