ALMA detection of parsec-scale blobs at the head of kiloparsec-scale jet in the nearby Seyfert galaxy NGC 1068


This presentation shows ALMA 100 GHz continuum observations at 0.05" (4 pc) resolution of the kiloparsec-scale jet seen in the nearby Seyfert galaxy NGC 1068. ALMA detected parsec-scale blobs at the head of the jet. According to the radio flux (0.8mJy), the spectral index (0.5), and the size (12 pc), a strongly amplified magnetic-field (B~230 G) is confirmed, which indicates that the blobs are likely efficient sites of cosmic-ray acceleration. The estimated cosmic-ray power by the jet may exceed the limit set by the star formation activity in this galaxy. This result suggests that even modest-power jets can increase the galactic cosmic-ray content while propagating through the galactic bulge.

Tomonari Michiyama 道山知成 (Osaka University)
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Monday, May 30, 2022 - 1:30PM to Monday, May 30, 2022 - 2:00PM