X-ray properties of WISE selected AGN viewed with eROSITA


I present X-ray properties of mid-IR selected Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) at z < 4 in the 140 deg^2 field observed by SRG/eROSITA using the PV phase program (eFEDS). By cross-matching the WISE 22 µm (W4)-detected sample and the eFEDS X-ray point-source catalog (Salvato et al. 2022), 693 galaxies were selected. We then compiled a multi-wavelength dataset extending from X-ray to far-IR wavelengths. For 683 eROSITA-detected sources, we performed (i) an X-ray spectral analysis (Liu et al. 2022), (ii) SED fitting using X-CIGALE, (iii) 2D image-decomposition analysis using Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) images, and (iv) optical spectral fitting with QSFit to investigate the AGN and host galaxy properties. For 7707 eROSITA-undetecred sources, we conducted an X-ray stacking analysis to examine the typical physical properties of these X-ray faint and/or probably obscured AGN. We find that (i) 82% of the eFEDS-W4 sources are classified as X-ray AGN with log LX > 42 erg/s, (ii) 67% and 24% of the objects have log (LIR/Lsun) > 12 and 13, respectively, and (iii) the fraction of blow-out region on the Eddington ratio and NH plane may be increased with increasing redshift and reach a peak at z ~ 2. These results with a model prediction from a galaxy-merger simulation indicate that approximately 5% of the eFEDS–W4 sources in our sample are likely to be in an AGN-feedback phase, in which strong radiation pressure from the AGN blows out the surrounding material from the nuclear region.

Yoshiki Toba (鳥羽 儀樹, NAOJ)
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