KIAA welcomes Dr. Fangzhou Jiang (姜方周) as a new faculty member

Dr. Fangzhou Jiang

KIAA welcomes Dr. Fangzhou Jiang, an expert in theoretical and computational studies of galaxies and cosmology, as a new faculty member.

Dr. Jiang obtained his PhD from Yale University in 2016. He was a Troesh Scholar at California Institute of Technology and a Joint Theory Fellow at the Carnegie Observatories from 2020 to 2023, and an Israeli Planning-and-Budget-Committee Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem from 2016 to 2019.

Dr. Jiang studies galaxies and their hosting dark-matter halos using a combination of semi-analytical and computational methods, with an emphasis on galaxy-halo interaction, the small-scale issues of cosmology, and the nature of dark matter. He is fascinated by the following frontier questions —

What gives rise to the striking structural diversity of galaxies? Can we reproduce the diversity in cosmological models?

What is the likelihood of having a system that resembles our home, the Milky Way? Can we learn the history of a galaxy via its satellite populations and the stellar halo?

How is dark matter distributed across the history of the Universe? How does dark-matter halo react to galaxy formation and baryonic feedback? Can we use halo structure and satellite statistics to constrain cosmology and the nature of dark matter?

Dr Jiang aims at constructing a comprehensive theoretical picture of dark-matter halos and their interplay with inhabitant galaxies, with the ultimate goal being to constrain the properties of dark matter and to thoroughly understand galaxy evolution all the way from the cosmological large scales down to sub-galactic small scales.  


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