KIAA Held the 1st KIAA Forum on Gas in Galaxies for Early Career Scientists

The 1st KIAA Forum on Gas in Galaxies for Early Career Scientists (KooGiG-Junior) has been held virtually on 1-5 Nov 2021. This forum is hosted by the Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (KIAA) and the PKU-KIAA Innovation NSFC Group (PKING).


KooGiG-Junior is an annual forum on the role of gas and dust in galaxies from low to high redshift. The forum aims to bring together active astronomers, especially early career scientists, for the purpose of exchanging recent progress and discussing future frontiers. The 1st KooGiG-Junior focus on the multiphase gas in and around galaxies, including the interstellar medium (ISM), circumgalactic medium (CGM), intracluster medium (ICM), as well as the interactions among them.

The main science topics include ISM and star formation from low to high z, AGN/stellar feedback and the baryon cycle, multiphase gas in the ICM/CGM, environmental effects on galaxies, large scale structure surrounding galaxy groups and clusters.

There are 215 participates from the whole world. It shows 11 invited talks, 58 contributed talks, and 71 posters, together with active discussion. In addition, more than 100 viewers of the live broadcast. The talk videos and poster videos are updated online. Throughout this virtual forum online provide the astronomer, especially the ones in early career, a valuable chance to exchange their recent work, and innovative ideas. With all SOC members of this forum post-docs in KIAA, it provides junior scientists the change to organize and dominate the forum.