Experts in Extrasolar Planets, Pulsar Timing, and Distant Quasars Join the Faculty

KIAA has recruited three new faculty members. Subo Dong got his PhD from Ohio State University in 2009 and then received a NASA Carl Sagan Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton. He is an expert on exoplanets and gravitational lensing. 

Ran Wang is an expert in radio and millimeter studies of distant quasars. She got her PhD from Peking University in 2009 and then became a Jansky Postdoctoral Fellow at NRAO working at Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona.

Kejia Lee is an expert on pulsars and gravitational wave detection. He got his PhD from Peking University in 2009 and became a postdoc at the University of Machester, UK and later at Max-Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, Germany.