KIAA Held the Second Forum on Gas in Galaxies

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The second KIAA Forum on Gas in Galaxies (KFGG): Multiple-phase ISM—Probing the Activities and Power Engines from Local to Distant Universe was successfully held from 9 to 13 September. The forum accepted more than 100 attendees, more than half of which have a foreign affiliation. 

In this workshop, researchers get together to review and discuss the recent progresses in the studies of ISM/IGM, including the following six major topics: I. The Gas and Dust Contents in Galaxies and Their Evolution; II. ISM Diagnostics and Star Formation; III. Multiple-phase Outflows and Stellar and AGN Feedbacks; IV. Structures and Dynamics of the ISM; V. Gas in the Halo/IGM and Accretion Flows; VI. ISM and Star Formation across the Milky Way. 

Spanning the five days of the forum, there were 12 invited talks and 39 contributed talks.  


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Following the talks, there were a series of extensive discussions on relevant science and technology. 

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The forum stimulates interactions between researchers at KIAA and other institutes worldwide, to broaden the scientific horizons of KIAA, and to foster potential new research collaborations.