Linhua Jiang (江林华)

Research interests: 
Extragalactic astronomy and observational cosmology, high-redshift quasars and supermassive black holes, high-redshift galaxies, cosmic reionization
Research Highlights: 

Linhua Jiang is interested in the distant universe. His main research fields include the following:

*) Large-area optical and near-IR survey data to search for quasars at high redshift (mainly at redshifts close to or higher than 6)

*) Large ground-based telescopes to study the physical properties of high-redshift quasars and their implications for cosmic reionization

*) Deep fields to search for high-redshift (again redshifts 6 or higher) galaxies, and to spectroscopically identify them

*) Using space telescopes (together with the largest ground-based telescopes) to study the physical properties of high-redshift galaxies and their implications for cosmic reionization

*) Relatively lower-redshift quasars/AGN and galaxies (still billions of light years away)