Kejia Lee (李柯伽)

Research interests: 
pulsars, gravitational waves
Research Highlights: 

Current research by K. J. Lee focuses on investigating fundamental astrophysical and physical processes with pulsar timing techniques and developing related techniques including

  • Detecting gravitational wave using pulsar timing arrays

  • Testing gravity theory using pulsar timing techniques

  • Probing the interstellar medium using pulsar signals

  • Phased arrays for pulsar timing application

李柯伽的研究课题主要集中在利用脉冲星测时技术来探索基本的物理和天体物理过程, 以及开发相关观测技术方面, 包括

  • 利用脉冲星测时阵列探测引力波

  • 利用脉冲星测时检验引力理论

  • 利用脉冲星信号探测星际介质

  • 针对脉冲星测时的相位相干阵列技术