Ran Wang (王然)

Assoiate professor
Research interests: 
formation and co-evolution of supermassive black holes and their host galaxies in the early universe
Research Highlights: 

I am working on millimeter and radio observations of the dust and gas components from high redshift quasar host galaxies. I am interested in studying the formation and co-evolution of the supermassive black hole and their host galaxies in the early universe. Specifically, my research interests are focused on the following topics:

I. SMBH-Bulge relationships and quasar-galaxy evolution in the early universe.

II. Interstellar medium (ISM) properties and star forming activity in quasar host galaxies at high redshift.

我主要从事对高红移类星体寄主星系中尘埃和气体成分的毫米射电波段的观测和研究。主要关注宇宙早期超大质量黑洞和寄主星系的形成和共同演化。我目前的研究主要集中在如下两个方面:I. 超大质量黑洞和寄主星系核球的相关性以及宇宙早期类星体和星系的演化。II. 高红移类星体中的恒星形成活动以及星际介质的性质。

ALMA Cycle 0 and Cycle 1 programs to observe the [C II] line and dust continuum emission from quasar host galaxies at z~6.

First results : Wang, R. et al. 2013, ApJ, 773, 44

JVLA imaging of the CO (2-1) line emission from millimeter bright z~6 quasars.

Herschel studies of the dust emission and star formation in the host galaxies of weak emission line quasars at z~2 to 3.