Xue-Bing Wu (吴学兵)

Associate Director of Administration; Chair of Dept. of Astronomy; Professor
Research interests: 
quasars and active galactic nuclei, supermassive black holes, accretion physics, X-ray binaries
Research Highlights: 

My research interests mainly include quasars and active galactic nuclei (AGNs), supermassive black holes and their accretion physics. Recently we have discovered many new quasars at intemediate and high redshift using optical telescopes in China and the US, including LAMOST and MMT. With optical and near-infrared spectroscopy, we are carrying out detailed studies of the black hole masses and accretion rates of many quasars and AGNs.



Recent Papers:

Wang, Feige; Wu, Xue-Bing; Fan, Xiaohui; et al., 2016, ApJ, 819, 24: “A Survey of Luminous High-redshift Quasars with SDSS and WISE. I. Target Selection and Optical Spectroscopy

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Wang, Feige; Wu, Xue-Bing; Fan, Xiaohui;et al., 2015, ApJL, 807, L9: “An Ultra-luminous Quasar at z = 5.363 with a Ten Billion Solar Mass Black Hole and a Metal-rich DLA at z ∼ 5

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