【CSST Discussion】数值模拟中活动星系核的反馈作用


AGN feedback in simulations

The existence of SMBHs barbered at galaxy centers and the correlations between their masses and host galaxy properties across cosmic evolution has been challenging our outstanding of the formation and evolution of galaxies. It is widely believed that the feedback from SMBH activities (or feedback from active galactic nuclei, AGN) plays a vital role in recycling of gas material, and so that in shaping the evolution of the host galaxies, leading to the co-evolution of SMBHs and their hosts, and/or quenching of host galaxies. Due to the advance of computational power in recent decades, large box simulation projects regarding the formation and evolution of galaxies in cosmic content, e.g., Illustris(TNG), EAGLE, FIRE, HORIZON, OWLS, SIMBA and NIHAO, have been conducted with physically motivated sub-grid modules. The commonly employed model for SMBH growth and feedback assumes a two-mode scenario, i.e., kinetic mode which is effective when the BH is accreting at low accretion rate, and thermal model effective at high accretion rate. The feedback effects rely heavily on the explicit implementation of sub-grid model, despite commonly accepted physical motivations. In this talk, I will summarize and compare the AGN feedback models implemented in different simulation projects. Then, I will discuss the motivations for different models as well as their implications. Finally, I will summarize the roles of AGN feedback in shaping the galaxy evolution and discuss the possible role the CSST can play in revealing the AGN feedback effects.

Haojie Hu 胡豪杰
KIAA 1st meeting room https://meeting.tencent.com/dm/owyFu6OS3Rd7 腾讯会议:401-8779-0146
Tuesday, April 4, 2023 - 9:30AM to Tuesday, April 4, 2023 - 11:00AM