【CSST Discussion】几个SKAP巡天的概述:以HI为主


Overview of Several SKAP Surveys: Focus on HI

Studies of the atomic interstellar medium (ISM), using the 21 cm line of atomic hydrogen (HI), is crucial to understand many astronomical questions, such as the formation and evolution of galaxies. And Square Kilometre Array (SKA) gives us a unique combination of high sensitivity, high angular resolution and wide field of view which allows us to survey the sky at unprecedented speeds and improved sensitivity. During the long construction and commissioning of SKA, two parts of it in South Africa and Australia each provided a Pathfinder, MeerKeT and ASKAP. Both radio telescope arrays have been engaged separately in a number of related large-scale sky survey data collections, and have given relatively positive preliminary results.

In this talk, I will briefly introduce the instrument of the SKA and its two Pathfinder, and present (pre-)pilot results of several sky survey projects (mainly the HI Survey), analyze their potential in the future and possible scientific results, and try to discuss its possible relationship to the future development of CSST.

Yuxi Duan 段雨曦
KIAA 1st meeting room https://meeting.tencent.com/dm/owyFu6OS3Rd7 腾讯会议:401-8779-0146
Tuesday, March 28, 2023 - 9:30AM to Tuesday, March 28, 2023 - 11:00AM