ICRAR Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship Program


KIAA and the International Center of Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR), an unincorporated joint venture between Curtin University and the University of Western Australia, signed a memorandum of understanding in October 2016, intending to collaborate and form a jointly funded postdoctoral fellowship program to begin in 2017, by awarding two fellowship positions annually.  The objectives of the program are to support excellent basic and applied research by early-career researchers; to advance promising early-career researchers and promote enhanced opportunities for diverse career pathways; and to enable research and research training in high-quality and supportive environments.


The program was supported by CSC as one of the Initiative Talents International Collaboration Training Programs ( 创新型人才国际合作培养项目 ) in 2017.

Contacts: Lister Staveley-Smith (ICRAR), Jing Wang (KIAA)

Past and current postdocs: Kexin Guo, Pei Zuo