Black hole-Host Lifecycle Evolution (BHOLE)


BHOLE (Black hole-Host Lifecycle Evolution) is a large, long-term program funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, devoted to four areas related to the general theme of the coevolution of supermassive black holes and galaxies: (1) measurement of black hole masses in active galaxies, (2) study of physical properties (stars, gas, dust, star formation rate) of host galaxies, (3) search for and systematic characterization of high-redshift quasars, and (4) theoretical investigation of the physics of the central engine (accretion disk, outflows, feedback) of active galaxies. The project, led by Luis C. Ho, is a collaboration of 17 core investigators from six institutions in China (KIAA, Institute of High-energy Physics, National Astronomical Observatory of China, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Nanjing University, and University of Science and Technology of China). For more details, see: