Summer Science Day Held at KIAA

Summer Science Day

The Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (KIAA) and Department of Astronomy (DoA) hosted Summer Science Day on Thursday, July 14 to discuss recent results.  In addition, PKU astronomy expressed appreciation to KIAA Director Luis Ho, DoA Chair and KIAA Associate Director for Administration Xuebing Wu, and KIAA Institute Manager Jie Yao for their hard work and success in epidemic prevention.

Jie Yao, Luis Ho, Xuebing Wu

The Science Day featured presentations from 19 different postdoctors and PhD students, on topics that included gravitational waves, fast radio bursts, galaxy formation, and planet formation.  About 60 PKU astronomers attended the event.

Yuming Fu

Yuhiko Aoyama

Yu Qiu

In addition to presentations on PKU research, postdocs Masafusa Onoue and Juan Molina led a discussion of remarkable images recently obtained with the James Webb Space Telescope.  These images mark the beginning of two decades of discoveries with this transformational space telescope.  Onoue also discussed the JWST program to study the early universe, which he is leading as the Principal Investigator, plus other programs being led by former PhD students at PKU.  Graduate student Li Wenxiu described how these programs may be used to find the seeds of supermassive black holes, when they are forming.

Masafusa Onoue

Juan Molina

Gregory Herczeg

Ke Wang

Group Photo