KIAA/DoA Postdoc Science Days 2021

The annual “KIAA/DoA Postdoc Science Days” took place on December 22-23 at the KIAA Auditorium.  The Postdoc Science Days is an in-house conference for postdoctoral researchers to share their research with all members of PKU astronomy.  As postdocs constitute the cornerstone of research activities, the Postdoc Science Days provide a good overview of the astronomical research actively taking place at PKU.  The talks and discussions facilitate interactions between postdocs from different groups, leading to fruitful exchange of ideas and even new collaborations.

26 postdocs gave talks on their ongoing research. The event was attended by many students and faculty members. Due to the consequences of the ongoing covid19 pandemic, the talks were also broadcasted live over the internet so those who could not attend physically could participate remotely.

KIAA Director, Professor Luis C. Ho (何子山), delivers the opening remarks for the Postdoc Science Days 2021

Dr. Dicong Liang (梁迪聪) presents his work on dynamics and gravitational-wave emission by binary systems of intermediate mass black-hole with dark-matter minispike and a small-mass black hole

Professor Luis C. Ho, Director of KIAA, provided the opening remarks for the meeting. Dr. Ran Wang, associate professor and member of the Postdoc Committee provided the meeting’s closing remarks.  Presentations covered a wide range of topics, including gravitational waves, physics of compact objects (black holes, neutron stars), fast radio bursts, stellar physics and kinematics, star and planet formation, galaxy formation and evolution, galaxy clusters, physics of active galactic nuclei and their host galaxies. Many results were derived using key Chinese and international observing facilities such as the FAST radio telescope (Guizhou, China), the LAMOST optical spectroscopic telescope (Hebei, China), the ALMA millimeter/sub-millimeter interferometer (Atacama Desert, Chile), the Gaia space observatory, and many others.

Postdoc Science Days 2021 group photo