Incoming KIAA Postdocs awarded prestigious national and PKU fellowships

Dr. Meicun Hou

An incoming postdoc at KIAA, Dr. Meicun Hou, was awarded the China Postdoctoral Foundation Innovative Program, one of the most competitive postdoc fellowship in China.  Dr.Hou is one of only three awardees in astronomy in 2021.  Her PhD at Nanjing University focuses on surveys of X-ray emission from nearby galaxies in dense environments.   This fellowship will allow Dr. Hou to extend this work to broader  galaxy types in different environments and to combine X-rays with H I  surveys to evaluate ram pressure stripping of galaxies.


    Dr.Haifeng Yang                                                            Dr.Swayamtrupta Panda

KIAA incoming postdocs Dr. Haifeng Yang and Dr. Swayamtrupta Panda won 2021  PKU Boya Fellowships, the latest of a continuous line of awardees from  KIAA that dates back to the initial founding of the fellowship.  Dr.  Yang, currently a postdoctoral fellow at Tsinghua University, will study  planet formation in protoplanetary disks using ALMA observations and  simulations of disks.  Dr. Panda, a PhD candidate at the Center for  Theoretical Physics at the Polish Academy of Sciences, will study  radiative processes around supermassive black holes using observations  and models. 

These  honors are awarded in recognition for the potential of these KIAA to  achieve interesting and powerful insights during their time at PKU.  The  fellowships will help upcoming postdocs to have a good starting point  in the new position.  KIAA and PKU astronomy appreciates the support  from PKU and the China Postdoctoral Foundation in helping to support a  strong postdoctoral program.