The Role of Cold Gas in the Star formation and Quenching of Central Galaxies

As fuel of star formation, the cold gas plays an important role in the evolution of galaxies. In this talk, I will briefly introduce our recent work on estimating the amount of cold gas in star-forming and quenched galaxies, as well as how it regulates the star formation processes. We took advantange of the completed ALFALFA survey and stacked the atomic neutral hydrogen (HI) spectra to obtain the average HI masses for different populations. We find that the quenched galaxies have significantly lower HI masses, compared to their star-forming counterparts with similar masses.  The star formation and quenching of central galaxies are directly regulated by the available HI reservoir. We also investigate the role of AGN feedback in depleting the cold gas in both observation and hydrodynamical simulations.

Hong Guo (SHAO)
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Jing Wang
Thursday, October 20, 2022 - 3:30PM to Thursday, October 20, 2022 - 4:30PM
Prof. Hong Guo is a research professor at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO). He got his PhD from SHAO in 2011 and worked as a postdoc fellow at Case Western Reserve University in 2011 and University of Utah at 2013, respectively. After that, he worked as a faculty member at SHAO in 2015. Prof. Guo’s primary research interests focus on using the galaxy clustering to understand the connection between galaxies and the dark matter halos.