Xian Chen (陈弦)

Associate Professor    
Research interests: 
Dynamics and radiation processes in the vicinity of black holes, Galactic Center dynamics, gravitational-wave astrophysics.
Research Highlights: 


陈弦 (Chen, Xian),北京大学博士,曾在加州大学圣克鲁斯分校联合培养。毕业后在科维理天文与天体物理研究所、德国马克斯-普朗克引力物理研究所、智利天主教大学天体物理研究所做博士后。现为北京大学物理学院天文系助理教授 (Assistant Professor)。


Xian did his Ph.D in Peking University. He had received support from the China Scholarship Council to study in the University of California, Santa Cruz for two years. After graduation, he worded as a postdoc in the Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics in China, Max-Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in Germany, and Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. He is now an assistant professor in the Astronomy Department of the School of Physics.

Publications via ADS.      


  • Astrophysical Dynamics (Spring semesters, every other year)

  • High Energy Astrophysics (Spring semesters)

  • Astronomy Literature Reading and Presentation (Fall semesters)

Students advised:      
  • Peking University (undergraduates): 

    Dong Wang (2012=>Cornell, co-advised with Fukun Liu)

    Yao Tang (2016-2017=>UC Santa Cruz, co-advised with Doug Lin)

    Tai Zhou (2017-2019=>PKU-Astronomy)

    Guang-Shuai Zhang (2017-2018=>PKU-Physics)

    Zhefeng Shen (2017-2019)

    Xuxiang Li (2017-2018=>PKU-Physics)

    Peng Peng (2018-2019=>PKU-Astronomy)

    Chang Liu (2018-2019) =>Northwestern Univ., USA

    Zeyuan Xuan (2019-Present)

    Jianghui Yu (2019-Present)

    Han Yan (2020-present)

    Zucheng Gao (2020-Present)

  • Peking University (graduate students): 

    Shuo Li (2010-2012=>NAOC, co-advised with Fukun Liu)

    Alejandro Torres Orjuela (2017-present),

    Zhongfu Zhang (2019-present)

    Xiaoyue Zhang (2019-present)

    Peng Peng (2020-Present)

  • CAS graduate students: 

    Verónica Vázquez-Aceves (2018-present, co-advised with Runqiu Liu and Pau Amaro-Seoane)

    Yun Fang (2019-present, co-advised with Qingguo Huang) => KIAA-PKU

  • Max-Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics: 

    Cristian Maureira Fredes (2013-2014, co-advised with Pau Amaro-Seoane)

  • Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: 

    Camilo Fontecilla (2016, co-advised with Jorge Cuadra)


Main Involvements: 
  • LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna, https://www.elisascience.org): Lead the LISA Associate Group "Gravitational Wave Astronomy-Beijing" together with Pau Amaro-Seoane

  • MPG-CAS Joint Project "Low-frequency Gravitational Wave Astronomy and Gravitational Physics in Space": Lead the A2 Working Group "Data Analysis and Astrophysics" together with Jonathan Gair

  • Einstein Probe (http://ep.bao.ac.cn): member of the Tidal Disruption Event Working Group

  • CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array, https://www.cta-observatory.org): former consortium mermber