Yingjie Peng (彭影杰)

Research interests: 
observational cosmology, galaxy formation and evolution
Research Highlights: 

Yingjie Peng’s research interests are observational cosmology, studying galaxy formation and evolution through cosmic time. He has been actively involved in many major observational projects, using ground-based and space-based facilities, including COSMOS, zCOSMOS, SINFONI-SINS, ZENS (The Zurich ENvironmental Study), MOONS (Multi-Object Optical and Near infrared Spectrograph for VLT). The main scientific results of his research cover a wide range of areas,including galaxy mass function evolution, large-scale structure in the universe, environmental effect, star formation activity and quenching mechanism, gas content and gas regulation in the galaxy, galaxy chemo-evolution, cosmic star formation history and stellar mass assembly history, AGN feedback, galaxy morphological transformation and galaxy mergers. 


Recent Papers:

Strangulation as the primary mechanism for shutting down star formation in galaxies

Peng, Y., Maiolino, R. & Cochrane, R., 2015, Nature, 521, 192

Mass and environment as drivers of galaxy evolution in SDSS and zCOSMOS and the origin of the Schechter function

Peng, Y., Lilly, S. J., Kovac, K., et al. 2010, ApJ, 721, 193 

Mass and Environment as Drivers of Galaxy Evolution II: The quenching of satellite galaxies as the origin of environmental effects 

Peng, Y., Lilly, S. J., Renzini, A. & Carollo, M., 2012, ApJ, 757, 4

Mass and Environment as Drivers of Galaxy Evolution III: The Constancy of the Faint-end Slope and the Merging of Galaxies 

Peng, Y., Lilly, S. J., Renzini, A. & Carollo, M., 2014, ApJ, 790, 95 

From haloes to Galaxies - I. The dynamics of the gas regulator model and the implied cosmic sSFR history

Peng, Y. & Maiolino, R., 2014, MNRAS, 443, 3643

The dependence of the galaxy mass-metallicity relation on environment and the implied metallicity of the IGM

Peng, Y. & Maiolino, R., 2014, MNRAS, 438, 262

An Objective Definition for the Main Sequence of Star-Forming Galaxies

Renzini, A. & Peng, Y., 2015, ApJ, 801L, 29

Molecular gas as the driver of fundamental galactic relations

Bothwell, M. S., Maiolino, R., Peng, Y., Cicone, C., Griffith, H., Wagg, J. MNRAS, in press

ALLSMOG: an APEX Low-redshift Legacy Survey for MOlecular Gas. I - molecular gas scaling relations, and the effect of the CO/H2 conversion factor

Bothwell, M. S., Wagg, J., Cicone, C., …, Peng, Y., et al. 2014, MNRAS, 445, 2599

Gas regulation of galaxies: the evolution of the cosmic sSFR, the metallicity-mass-SFR relation and the stellar content of haloes

Lilly, S., Carollo, M., Pipino, A., Renzini, A. & Peng, Y., 2013, ApJ, 772, 119 

zCOSMOS 20k: satellite galaxies are the main drivers of environmental effects in the galaxy population at least to z~0.7

Kovač, K., Lilly, S. J., Knobel, C., Bschorr, T. J., Peng, Y. et al. 2014, MNRAS, 438, 71 

The Colors of Central and Satellite Galaxies in zCOSMOS out to z ~ 0.8 and Implications for Quenching

Knobel, C., Lilly, S. J., Kovac, K., Peng, Y., et al. 2013, ApJ, 769, 24


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