Yingjie Peng (彭影杰)

Research interests: 
observational cosmology, galaxy formation and evolution
Research Highlights: 

Yingjie Peng’s research interests are observational cosmology, studying galaxy formation and evolution through cosmic time. He has been actively involved in many major observational projects, using ground-based and space-based facilities, including COSMOS, zCOSMOS, SINFONI-SINS, ZENS (The Zurich ENvironmental Study), MOONS (Multi-Object Optical and Near infrared Spectrograph for VLT). The main scientific results of his research cover a wide range of areas,including galaxy mass function evolution, large-scale structure in the universe, environmental effect, star formation activity and quenching mechanism, gas content and gas regulation in the galaxy, galaxy chemo-evolution, cosmic star formation history and stellar mass assembly history, AGN feedback, galaxy morphological transformation and galaxy mergers. 

All Publications via NASA/ADS