Luis C. Ho (何子山)

Director, University Chair Professor
Research interests: 
processes in galactic nuclei, accretion disks and jets, massive black holes, origin of the Hubble sequence, extragalactic star formation, star clusters, interstellar medium
The central engine of nearby AGNs (Ho 2008).    
Images from the Carnegie-Irvine Galaxy Survey (Ho et al. 2011).    
Research Highlights: 

Prior to joining KIAA, Luis Ho was a Staff Astronomer for 15 years at the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution for Science.  His research covers a wide range of different, but interrelated areas, using all available observational techniques spanning from radio to X-ray energies.  He actively uses ground-based telescopes and space-based astronomical satellites. The main topics of his research, published in over 350 refereed papers,  include: (1) active galaxies and quasars, including the physics of emission-line regions, accretion disks, jets, and host galaxies; (2) searches for massive black holes, from star clusters to the centers of galaxies; (3) coevolution of black holes and galaxies, black hole scaling relations, and AGN feedback; (4) galaxy structure and the origin of the Hubble sequence; (5) extragalactic star formation; and (6) the interstellar medium.  


Recent Papers:

Ho, L. C., & Kim, M. 2016, ApJ, 821, 48: "                                         Low-mass Active Galactic Nuclei with Rapid X-ray Variability"
Ho, L. C., & Kim, M. 2015, ApJ, 809, 123: "                                         A Revised Calibration of the Virial Mass Estimator for Black Holes in Active Galaxies Based on Single-epoch Hbeta Spectra"
Ho, L. C., & Kim, M. 2014, ApJ, 789, 17: "                                         The Black Hole Mass Scale of Classical and Pseudo Bulges in Active Galaxies"
Kormendy, J., & Ho, L. C. 2013, ARA&A, 51, 511: "                               Coevolution (Or Not) of Supermassive Black Holes and Host Galaxies
Gu, M., Ho, L. C., Peng, C. Y., & Huang, S. 2013, ApJ, 773, 34: "                               A Novel Approach to Constrain the Mass Ratio of Minor Mergers in Elliptical Galaxies: Application to NGC 4889, the Brightest Cluster Galaxy in Coma
Huang, S., Ho, L. C., Peng, C. Y., Li, Z.-Y., & Barth, A. J. 2013, ApJ, 768, L28: "                               Fossil Evidence for the Two-phase Formation of Elliptical Galaxies
Ho, L. C., Kim, M., & Terashima, Y. 2012, ApJ, 759, L16: "                               The Low-mass, Highly Accreting Black Hole Associated with the Active Galactic Nucleus 2XMM J123103.2+110648
Wei, L., Keto, E., & Ho, L. C. 2012, ApJ, 750, 136: "                               Two Populations of Molecular Clouds in the Antennae Galaxies
Ho, L. C., Li, Z.-Y., Barth, A. J., Seigar, M. S., & Peng, C. Y. 2011, ApJS, 197, 21: "                               The Carnegie-Irvine Galaxy Survey. I. Overview and Atlas of Optical Images
Ho, L. C. 2009, ApJ, 699, 638: "                               Origin and Dynamical Support of Ionized Gas in Galaxy Bulges
Ho, L. C. 2009, ApJ, 699, 626: "                               Radiatively Inefficient Accretion in Nearby Galaxies
Ho, L. C. 2008, ARA&A, 46, 475: "                               Nuclear Activity in Nearby Galaxies
Ho, L. C., Darling, J., & Greene, J. E. 2008, ApJ, 681, 128: "                               Properties of Active Galaxies Deduced from H I Observations
Greene, J. E., & Ho, L. C. 2007, ApJ, 670, 92: "                               A New Sample of Low-Mass Black Holes in Active Galaxies
Ho, L. C. 2007, ApJ, 669, 821: "                               The CO Tully-Fisher Relation and Implications for the Host Galaxies of High-Redshift Quasars
Ho, L. C. 2007, ApJ, 668, 94: "                               Bulge and Halo Kinematics Across the Hubble Sequence
Ho, L. C., & Keto, E. 2007, ApJ, 658, 314: "                               The Mid-Infrared Fine-Structure Lines of Neon as an Indicator of Star Formation Rate in Galaxies"