KIAA Program on GRB Physics
May 4 - June 19, 2009
KIAA, Peking University

Coordinators: Li-Xin Li, Bing Zhang, Doug Lin
Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC): K. S. Cheng, Guido Chincarini, Zi-Gao Dai, Neil Gehrels, Chryssa Kouveliotou, Peter Meszaros, Tsvi Piran, Steve Ritz, Jian-Yan Wei, Shuang-Nan Zhang

We are happy to announce the organization of the program on "GRB Physics" in the summer of 2009 at Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (KIAA) in Peking University, Beijing, China. The program will cover the physics of GRB progenitors (collapsar vs. merger), central engines, shock waves, radiation processes, etc.

The motivation of the program is to gather experts in this active field, review the rapid progress made in recent years, and excite the research interest on GRBs at KIAA. With the successful launch and operation of the Fermi satellite, we expect that one of the hot topics in 2009 would be the new advance of our understanding GRB physics (especially in the high-energy aspect) led by the new Fermi data. This program will also partially cover the developments in this direction.

The program will be held in Beijing in May 4 - June 19, 2009. It will be sponsored by KIAA, with financial support from Peking University, National Astronomical Observatories--Chinses Academy of Sciences (NAOC), and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC). The program will take form of lecturing in morning, supervising students and collaborating with postdocs and scientists in afternoon. A mini-conference on GRB Physics will be held in the last week.

The program has no registration fee. Interested participants please send an email to Li-Xin Li ( to confirm their attendance before April 1, 2009. For the location of KIAA and a map of PKU, please visit:


May 4-8 (Lectures and discussion):

May 11-15 (Lectures and discussion): May 18-22 (Lectures and discussion): May 25-29 (Lectures and discussion): June 1-5 (Lectures and discussion): June 8-12 (Lectures and discussion): June 15-19: Mini-conference
Invited Speakers



Annalisa Celotti SISSA, Italy
K. S. Cheng U. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Roger A. Chevalier U. Verginia, USA
Yi-Zhong Fan Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark
Derek Fox Penn State U., USA
Yong-Feng Huang Nanjing U., China
Kunihito Ioka KEK, Japan
Stephen Justham KIAA, China
Shiho Kobayashi Liverpool John Moores U., UK
Hyun Kyu Lee Hanyang U., Korea
Zhuo Li Peking U., China
Ye Lu NAOC, China
Paolo Mazzali MPA, Germany
Mikhail Medvedev U. of Kansas, USA
Shigehiro Nagataki Kyoto U., Japan
Ken-Ichi Nishikawa NSSTC, USA
Paul O'Brien U. Leicester, UK
Asaf Pe'er STSCI, USA
Elena Pian INAF, Italy
Rob Preece NSSTC, USA
Pete Roming Penn State U., USA
Xiang-Yu Wang Nanjing U., China
Jian-Yan Wei NAOC, China
Xuefeng Wu Penn State U., USA
Ren-Xin Xu Peking U., China
Ryo Yamazaki Hiroshima U., Japan
Bing Zhang UNLV, USA

Other Participants



Li Chen Beijing Normal U.
Xiaohong Cui (Student) PKU
Jinsong Deng NAOC
He Gao (Student) NAOC
Yiqing Guo (Student) IHEP
Alok Gupta ARIES, India
Haoning He (Student) Nanjing U.
Weihua Lei Huazhong U. of Sci. & Tech.
Ye Li (Student) IHEP
Hung-Miao Lin (Student) National Central U. (Taiwan)
Lin Lin (Student) Tsinghua U.
Jianwei Liu (Student) PMO
Tong Liu (Postdoc) Nanjing U.
Gujing Lv (Student) PMO
Houjun Lv (Student) Guangxi U.
Lei Qian (Student) PKU
Shufu Qin (Student) Guangxi U.
Michael Stamatikos (Postdoc) Ohio State U., USA
Francisco Virgili (Student) UVLA, USA
Ding-Xiong Wang Huazhong U. of Sci. & Tech.
Yu Wang (Student) PMO
Fu-Guo Xie (Postdoc) SHAO
Liping Xin (Student) NAOC
Benda Xu (Student) Tsinghua U.
Qiang Yuan (Student) IHEP
Bo Zhang (Student) Nanjing U.
Fu-Wen Zhang Guilin U.
Shuo Zhang (Student) Tsinghua U.
You-Hong Zhang Tsinghua U.
Xiao-Hong Zhao (Postdoc) Nanjing U.
Weikang Zheng (Student) NAOC
Fengrong Zhu (Postdoc) IHEP

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