Juna Kollmeier

Juna Kollmeier received a B.S. in physics from California Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in astronomy from Ohio State University. Beforejoining the Carnegie staff in 2008, she was a Hubble Fellow and a Carnegie-Princeton postdoctoral fellow. Kollmeier is as observationally-oriented theorist making predictions that can be compared to current and future observations. Her primary focus is on the emergence of structure in the universe on multiple scales. She combines cosmological hydrodynamic simulations, analytic theory and observations to figure out how the tiny fluctuations in density that were present when the universe was only 300 thousand years old, become the stars, galaxies and black holes that we see now, after 14 billion years of cosmic evolution.  She is currently the Director of SDSS-V.   

Reasons for Visit: 
Host: Subo Dong
Period of stay: 
Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Home Institute: 
Carnegie Observatories