Alberto Sesana

I graduated from Universita` dell'Insubria (Italy) and also got my PhD there in 2007. I then moved around for several postdocs: Birmingham (1 yr), Pennstate (2 yr) and AEI (5 years). I eventually got a University Research Fellowship of the Royal Society and moved to Birmingham (UK) where I am now Senior Lecturer. I am also member of the International Pulsar Timing Array Steering Committee and of the European Pulsar Timing Array Executive Committee, and chair of the LISA Consortium Astrophysical Black Hole working group.

My email: asesana[a]

Reasons for Visit: 
Hosted by Xian CHEN
Research Interests: 
Gravitational waves; Massive black hole (binaries); Stellar dynamics, dense stellar systems; Hyper–velocity stars and the nature and environment of SgrA∗; Gas dynamics and accretion theory; Structure formation and galaxy evolution.
Period of stay: 
Saturday, October 28, 2017 to Saturday, November 4, 2017
Home Institute: 
University of Birmingham