Kinematic Decomposition of Galaxies in The Cosmological Simulation IllustrisTNG100

An automatic method is developed to make kinematic decomposition and classification for structures in thousands of galaxies in the IllustrisTNG. In this method, I apply the Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM) to find clusters in the kinematic phase space of jz/jc, jp/jc, and e/max(|e|). Stellar particles of each galaxy are classified into different structures that correspond to thin disks, thick disks, nuclear disks/pseudo-bulges, classical bulges, and halos. This project will provide the first kinematic decomposition in detail for the large sample of galaxies in IllustrisTNG. With this data, we can: (1) investigate the basic properties of these structures (e.g., mass, size, metallicity, age, et al.); (2) "witness" the formation and evolution of these structures.

Discussion Leader: 
Min Du
Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm