Current and Past Visiting Scholars

Visitor Period of stay Research interests
Laura Sales
University of California Riverside
9 Oct 2017 to 20 Oct 2017 Galaxy Formation and Evolution, Dynamical modeling of galaxies, Dwarf galaxies, Milky Way and Local Group cosmology, Nature of feedback, Physics of the ISM, Hydrodynamics, Numerical simulations
Barbara Catinella
University of Western Australia / ICRAR
18 Sep 2017 to 29 Sep 2017 Gas in galaxies
Charles Alcock
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
29 Sep 2017 Massive compact halo objects, comets and asteroids.
Yi-Fei Jin
prospective PhD student at RSAA/ANU (Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics/ Australian National University)
11 Sep 2017 to 20 Sep 2017 galaxy formation and evolution, gas flows and chemical evolution.
Yohai Meiron (林友海)
Eötvös University, Budapest
14 Aug 2017 to 9 Sep 2017 Stellar dynamics
Rohan Potham Naidu
Yale-NUS College
19 Jun 2017 to 14 Aug 2017 Cosmic Reionization, High-Redshift Extragalactic Astronomy, Machine Learning Applications in Astronomy, Supernova Cosmology
Thijs Kouwenhoven
Xi'an Jiatong-Liverpool University, Suzhou
31 Jul 2017 to 3 Aug 2017 star clusters, planets, stellar dynamics
Albrecht Karle
University of Wisconsin–Madison
23 Jul 2017 to 28 Jul 2017 high-energy neutrino astronomy and astrophysics
Yuexing Cindy Li
Penn State University
15 Jul 2017 to 23 Jul 2017 cosmology, radiative transfer etc.
Doug Johnstone
National Research Council Canada
15 Jul 2017 to 21 Jul 2017 millimetre-wave astronomy (single dish/interferometry), star formation, molecular clouds, pre-stellar cores, proto-stars, circumstellar disks.