Current and Past Visiting Scholars

Visitor Period of stay Research interests
Roland de Putter
California Institute of Technology
20 Feb 2017 to 23 Feb 2017 inflation, dark energy, dark matter, neutrino physics, the cosmic microwave background, weak gravitational lensing and galaxy clustering.
Nicolas Caballero
Max planck institute for radio astronomy
4 Jan 2017 to 24 Jan 2017 Pulsar, gravitational wave
Matthias Kühtreiber
Vienna University in Austria
26 Oct 2016 to 23 Dec 2016 the chemo-dynamical evolution of dwarf galaxies, dark matter and numerical simulations.
Minjin Kim
Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI)
11 Dec 2016 to 16 Dec 2016 Coevolution of galaxies and black holes
Taehyun Kim
Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI)
11 Dec 2016 to 16 Dec 2016 Galaxy Evolution, Stellar Structures of Galaxies
Soojong Pak
Kyung Hee University
11 Dec 2016 to 16 Dec 2016 Optical and Infrared Spectroscopy. Star Formation. Central Regions of Galaxies.
Zheng Cai(蔡峥)
University of California at Santa Cruz
11 Dec 2016 to 16 Dec 2016 large-scale structures, galaxy overdensities and giant Lyman alpha nebulae at high redshift
Pengfei Chen(陈鹏飞)
Nanjing University
7 Dec 2016 to 9 Dec 2016 MHD Numerical Sumulations of Solar and Space Plasmas, Multi-wavelength Observations of Solar Activities, Space Weather, Planetary Science, Application of Magnetic Reconnection in Astrophysics
Fuyan Bian
Mt Stromlo Observatory Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics, The Australian National University
1 Dec 2016
Xueying Zheng 郑雪莹
Nanjing University
23 Nov 2016 to 25 Nov 2016 optical spectroscopy, X-ray astronomy