Current and Past Visiting Scholars

Visitor Period of stay Research interests
Dr. Manhoi Lee
Hong Kong University
15 Dec 2011 to 21 Dec 2011 Planetary Dynamics
Dr. NicK Kaiser
University of Hawaii
18 Dec 2011 to 21 Dec 2011 Large structure of the Universe
Dr. Sverre Aarseth
IoA, University of Cambridge, UK
15 Nov 2011 to 17 Dec 2011 Evolution of star cluster systems.
Dr. H. Hubertus Klahr
Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy
29 Nov 2011 to 4 Dec 2011 Star and planet formation, Turbulence, Computational astrophysics, Super computing, Magneto-, Hydrodynamics, Radiation transport, Accretion disks.