Current and Past Visiting Scholars

Visitor Period of stay Research interests
HAN Zhanwen
The Yunnan Observatories
21 Mar 2018 to 22 Mar 2018 (1)Binary Population Synthesis (i.e. the BPS Theory) (2) Stellar Evolution (3) Binary Evolution (4) Peculiar Stars(5) Evolutionary Population Synthesis (6) Far-UV Excess of Early-type Galaxies
Yifu CAI
University of Science and Technology of China
12 Mar 2018 to 13 Mar 2018 Bounce cosmology, CMB tests on inflation models, dark energy, cyclic universe, cosmic strings, and black hole physics.​ 
Ray Carlberg
University of Toronto
4 Mar 2018 to 7 Mar 2018 N-body modelling, galactic dynamics, cosmology
European Southern Observatory (ESO)
22 Jan 2018 to 23 Jan 2018 high-mass star formation, infrared dark clouds, interstellar filaments, submm/mm/cm interferometric observations
Daniel Ceverino 
Zentrum für Astronomie der Universität Heidelberg, Institut für Theoretische Astrophysik, Germany
22 Jan 2018 to 23 Jan 2018 computational cosmology: N-body+hydro simulations of galaxy formation and evolution
Dandan XU
 Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical studies
18 Jan 2018 to 19 Jan 2018 Gravitational lensing, galaxy formation, Cosmology.
Kohei Inayoshi
Columbia University
17 Jan 2018 to 18 Jan 2018 Astrophysics, Black holes, First stars, Gravitational wave
University of Maryland 
16 Jan 2018 to 17 Jan 2018 cosmic rays, high-energy neutrinos, gamma rays, compact objects as astroparticle sources
Chris Ormel
University of Amsterdam
15 Jan 2018 to 16 Jan 2018 Planet formation, protoplanetary (accretion) disks physics, molecular clouds
Antonios Tsokaros
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
21 Dec 2017 to 15 Jan 2018 General relativity; numerical relativity; astrophysics; alternative theories of gravity; cosmology; dynamical systems.