Current and Past Visiting Scholars

Visitor Period of stay Research interests
Alberto Sesana
University of Birmingham
7 Oct 2018 to 25 Oct 2018 Gravitational waves; Massive black hole (binaries); Stellar dynamics, dense stellar systems; Hyper–velocity stars and the nature and environment of SgrA∗; Gas dynamics and accretion theory; Structure formation and galaxy evolution.
Cristina Romero-Canizales
Nucleo de Astronomia, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile
23 Sep 2018 to 21 Oct 2018 Radio/mm studies of interacting/merging galaxies Galaxy evolution and star formation Tidal Disruption Events at high angular resolution Astronomical masers
Scott Tremaine
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
8 Oct 2018 to 11 Oct 2018 comets, the solar system, exoplanets, star clusters, black holes, galaxies, and cosmology
Emiko Hiyama
Kyushu Univeristy
9 Sep 2018 to 1 Oct 2018 Particle/Nuclear/Cosmic ray/Astro physics
Sharon Wang
5 Sep 2018 current research focuses on improving the RV precision
Boaz Katz
Weizmann Institute of Science
7 Aug 2018 to 15 Aug 2018
Claudio Ricci
Universidad Diego Portales
6 Jul 2018 to 2 Aug 2018 Active Galactic Nuclei, X-ray astronomy
Eiichi Egami
The University of Arizona
21 Jun 2018 to 17 Jul 2018 Cosmology, Infrared Astronomy, Extragalactic Astronomy
Li Aigen
University of Missouri
28 Jun 2018 to 2 Jul 2018 Interstellar Dust Dust Disks around Young Stars Dust Envelopes around Evolved Stars Physics and Chemistry of Comets Infrared Galaxies Active Galactic Nuclei Gamma-Ray Bursts Light Scattering by Small Particles
Christian Wolf
The Australian National University
17 Jun 2018 to 30 Jun 2018 Galaxies, clusters, SNe/GRBs, surveys, photo-z