Current and Past Visiting Scholars

Visitor Period of stay Research interests
Areg Mickaelian
Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory, Armenia
9 Dec 2015 active galactic nuclei; astronomy for development
Nami Mowlavi
Geneva Observatory, Switzerland
1 Dec 2015 Stellar variability
Tsolmon Renchin
National University of Mongolia
25 Nov 2015 Astronomy for Development
Denis Therien
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
24 Nov 2015
Gerhard Hensler
Department of Astrophysics (Observatory), University of Vienna, Austria
20 Nov 2015 to 23 Nov 2015 Chemical and Dynamical Evolution of Galaxies, Computational Astrophysics
Youkyung Ko
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University, Korea.
16 Nov 2015 to 20 Nov 2015 Globular cluster system of early-type galaxies
Wang Yifang(王贻芳)
Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS
19 Nov 2015 neutrino physics, e+ e- collision physics, cosmic rays, astrophysics, detector design and construction, and methods for data analysis.
Minjin Kim
Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI)
11 Nov 2015 to 18 Nov 2015 Coevolution of galaxies and black holes
Sarah Bird
29 Oct 2015 to 11 Nov 2015 Milky Way, stellar populations and dynamics
Roberto Maiolino
Kavli Institute for Cosmology and the Cavendish Laboratory
26 Oct 2015 to 30 Oct 2015 Observational investigation of galaxy formation and galaxy-black hole coevolution