Subo Dong (东苏勃)

Youth Qianren Research Professor
Research interests: 
extrasolar planets, supernovae, gravitational microlensing, dynamics, time-domain astronomy
Research Highlights: 


One of my primary research interests is studying planets outside our Solar System. My work has led to the discovery of dozens of extrasolar planets via gravitational microlensing. I have also studied the distributions and architectures of planetary systems found from microlensing surveys and NASA's Kepler satellite.


Another research focus of mine is on the theory and observational implications of few-body dynamics. My collaborators and I have discovered novel theoretical mechanisms in inducing extremely highly-eccentric orbits due to third-body perturbations. We have designed and conducted new observational tests on the dynamical origins of short-period planetary systems and close binary stars.


We have proposed a new major channel to produce type Ia supernovae from direct collisions of white dwarfs. I have played a leading role in discovering the bi-modal velocity distributions of Ni56 in the supernova ejecta that provide direct observational supports for such a channel.


I like exploring time variabilities from large astronomical surveys to discover and study planets, stars, stellar explosions, and in particular, unexpected exotic objects. I am a member of All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae (ASAS-SN), which scans the entire visible sky with a cadence of 2-3 nights to look for transients brighter than about 17th magnitude. Since 2015, we have been responsible for ~60% of world's supply of bright (<17 mag) supernova discoveries. In the summer of 2015, an international team of astronomers led by me discovered the most powerful supernova yet found-- ASASSN-15lh.

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我对大规模时域巡天有着浓厚的兴趣,尤其是发现、挖掘和分析未曾预料到的新型变源。我是全天自动超新星搜索项目(ASAS-SN)的成员。我们用小望远镜阵每夜在全天搜索亮于17等的变源。自2015年起,全世界六成的明亮超新星(亮于17等)发现是由我们做出的。2015年夏,我率领的一个国际天文学家团队发现了迄今为止史上记载的最强超新星爆发-- ASASSN-15lh。