Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Subhash Bose

KIAA Postdoc
Office: 218
Research interests: Supernovae, supernova distance scale, supernova-CSM interaction

Bingqiu Chen (陈丙秋)

DoA postdoc
Email: bchen[at]
Research interests: three-dimensional extinction maps; dust, ISM, structure of the Milky Way; pulsators (like RR Lyrae stars); photometric/spectroscopic surveys.

Kexin Guo(郭可欣)

KIAA Postdoc
Office: 407
Research interests: galaxy formation and evolution

Jincheng Guo(郭金承)

DOA Postdoc
Office: 215
Research interests: Multi-wavelength observation of Compact objects. White dwarf, Debris disk; Black hole; Soft X-ray sources; Structure and evolution of the Milky Way.

Kohei Hayashi

KIAA Fellow
Office: 407
Research interests: Dark matter distribution of dwarf spheroidal galaxies, formation history of the Milky Way and its satellites, Galactic Archaeology, Numerical simulations

Jongsuk Hong

KIAA Fellow
Office: 407
Research interests: Stellar dynamics, globular clusters, multiple populations, gravitational waves, numerical simulations.

Yang Huang (黄样)

DoA postdoc, LAMOST Fellow
Office: 218
Research interests: large-scale spectroscopic survey; Galactic dynamics; stellar populations; stellar physics; AGN

Jessy Jose

KIAA Postdoc
Office: 218
Email: jessy[at]
Research interests: Galactic HII regions, embedded star clusters, triggered star formation, young stellar objects

Yonghwi Kim

KIAA Fellow
Office: K215
Research interests: Galaxy formation and evolution, Gas Dynamics in Disk Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters, Instability Processes of Spiral Shocks, Hydrodynamic and Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations

Alexander Kolodzig

KIAA Fellow
Office: K307
Research interests: Large-scale structure studies with active galactic nuclei (AGN), angular correlation studies of the Cosmic X-ray Background (CXB) with Chandra and XMM-Newton surveys, and related topics

Sungsoon Lim

DoA Postdoc
Office: 218
Email: slim[at]
Research interests: Galaxy formation and evolution, starburst galaxies, star clusters, globular cluster systems, ultracompact dwarfs

Xiangkun Liu (刘项琨)

DoA Postdoc
Research interests: Cosmology, weak gravitational lensing, large-scale structure, Numerical simulations.

Alessia Longobardi

KIAA Fellow
Office: 407
Research interests: formation and evolution of extended halos around galaxies in galaxies cluster, age, metallicity, and IMF studies

Petchara Pattarakijwanich

KIAA Fellow
Office: K215
Email: ppattara[at]
Research interests: Multi-wavelength Modeling of Stellar Population in SDSS Galaxies,Post-starburst Quasars and Their Role in Star-forrnation Quenching

Claudio Ricci

Chile-China Postdoc Fellow
Office: K203
Research interests: AGN

Smitha Subramanian Hari Sharma

KIAA Fellow
Research interests: Investigating AGN and Black Hole masses in Void galaxies,Tracing the structure of the Magellanic Clouds,Generation of the near infrared guide star catalog for Thirty Meter Telescope Observations

Zhijia Tian (田志佳)

DoA Postdoc
Office: K215
Research interests: Stellar structure and evolution; stellar oscillations; stellar populations synthesis

Shu Wang(王舒)

KIAA Fellow
Research interests: Interstellar UV, optical, IR extinction law and its variation with environments, "Anomalous" extinction and dust properties, Interstellar grain models, PAHs, sub-millimeter excess of dwarf galaxies

Yanxia Xie (谢艳霞)

KIAA Postdoc
Research interests: The Infrared Properties and Dust Content in Active Galaxies

Yuanpei Yang(杨元培)

KIAA - CAS Fellow
Office: 407
Research interests: Research interests: high-energy astrophysics, neutron stars, magnetars, fast radio bursts, gamma-ray bursts, electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources.

Su Yao(姚苏)

KIAA -CAS Fellow
Office: 407
Research interests: Active galactic nuclei, Supermassive black holes, Accretion and jets

Hao-Ran Yu (于浩然)

KIAA-CITA Joint Postdoctoral Fellow
Email: haoran[at]
Research interests: Cosmology, large scale structure, weak gravitational lensing, N-body simulations, supercomputing

Former Postdoc

Name Term of Employment Current Unit

Michael Anthony Gully-Santiago

KIAA Postdoc (2015-10 to 2016-10) BAERI at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View

Karla Alamo-Martínez

CAS-CONICYT China-Chile Fellow (2014-07 to 2015-06) Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Juanjuan Ren (任娟娟)

DoA Postdoc (2014-07 to 2016-06) National Astronomical Observatories, CAS

Jihye Shin

KIAA Fellow (2014-04 to 2015-12)

Xiaoyi Dong(董晓怡)

DoA Postdoc (2013-10 to 2016-03)

Fupeng Zhang (张福鹏)

KIAA postdoc (2013-10 to 2015-09) Sun Yat-sen University

Nahiely Flores Fajardo

DoA postdoc (2013-07 to 2015-06) National Autonomous University of Mexico

Z. Lucas Uhm (严整辉)

KIAA postdoc (2013-04 to 2015-03) University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Alberto Rebassa Mansergas

LAMOST Fellow (2012-10 to 2015-03)

Hongxin Zhang (张红欣)

CAS-CONICYT China-Chile Fellow (2012-09 to 2015-03) Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Yohai Meiron (林友海)

KIAA Fellow (2012-04 to 2015-12) Eötvös University, Budapest

Andreas Schulze

KIAA Fellow (2011-10 to 2013-09) National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Haibo Yuan (苑海波)

LAMOST Fellow, KIAA Fellow (2011-10 to 2015-09) Faculty, Beijing Normal University

Peter Anders

Postdoc (2011-07 to 2013-06)

Lorenzo Faccioli

Postdoc (2011-04 to 2012-09)

Sakurako Okamoto (冈本樱子)

KIAA Fellow (2011-04 to 2014-03) Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS

Thomas M. Hughes

KIAA Fellow (2011-01 to 2012-12)

Xian Chen

KIAA Fellow (2010-10 to 2012-09) Faculty,Peking University

Yang-Shyang Li

KIAA Fellow (2010-10 to 2012-09) National Astronomical Observatories, NAOC

Chengze Liu

DoA Postdoc (2010-10 to 2012-09) Faculty, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Ruben Garcia Benito

KIAA Fellow (2009-10 to 2011-09)

Matthias Gritschneder

KIAA Fellow (2009-10 to 2011-09)

Fuguo Xie

KIAA Fellow (2009-07 to 2011-06) Faculty, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS

Stephen Justham

KIAA Fellow (2008-10 to 2014-11) Faculty, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ho Bun Lau

KIAA Fellow (2008-04 to 2009-03)