Lijing Shao (邵立晶)

Assistant Professor
Research interests: 
gravitational waves, pulsar astronomy, new physics beyond the standard model
Research Highlights: 

Dr. Lijing Shao is interested in many aspects of gravitational astrophysics, in particular gravitational-wave astronomy and pulsar astronomy. He is also interested in using various astrophysical observations to probe new physics beyond the Standard Model and General Relativity.


Here is a list of his research interests:

  •   Tests of gravity theories
  •    Gravitational waves
  •    Pulsars and neutron stars
  •    Astrophysical studies of dark matter
  •    Black hole spacetime
  •    Precision tests of fundamental physics
  •    Bayesian data analysis and statistics

You are welcome to check Lijing Shao’s publication through Inspirehep or ADS.