Hao-Ran Yu (于浩然)

KIAA-CITA Joint Postdoctoral Fellow
Research interests: 
Cosmology, large scale structure, weak gravitational lensing, N-body simulations, supercomputing
Research Highlights: 

Neutrinos are one of the known existing dark matter particles, and neutrino masses have an effect on the large scale structure of the Universe. Weak gravitational lensing surveys in the very near future may be able to achieve enough accuracy and to give the first constraint on the neutrino mass. Combining neutrino and dark matter evolution is highly non-linear, and computer simulations are highly time- and memory-consuming. We have run the open-source cosmological code CubeP3M on the world’s fastest super computer, ranking 1st in TOP500, Tianhe-2 (TH2). The figure below shows the dark matter + neutrino N-body simulation (2D projection) of the large scale structure of the Universe. We can see that the dark matter (black) and neutrino (orange) distributions are correlated on large scales. This research project is also supported by Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics; Department of Astronomy, Beijing Normal University; Guangzhou National Super Computing Center.

Main Involvements: 

I am a joint postdoctoral fellow at the KIAA and the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics.