KIAA Faculty

Luis C. Ho (何子山)

Director, University Chair Professor
Office: 207
Research interests: processes in galactic nuclei, accretion disks and jets, massive black holes, origin of the Hubble sequence, extragalactic star formation, star clusters, interstellar medium

Xue-Bing Wu (吴学兵)

Associate Director, Professor
Office: 209
Research interests: quasars and active galactic nuclei, supermassive black holes, accretion physics, X-ray binaries

Jiansheng Chen (陈建生)

Coordinator, Professor; joint appointment with the Dept. of Astronomy
Office: 303
Research interests: wide-field astronomy, quasar surveys, large-scale structure of the universe, galaxy formation and evolution

Subo Dong (东苏勃)

Youth Qianren Research Professor
Office: 306
Research interests: extrasolar planets, supernovae, gravitational microlensing, dynamics, time-domain astronomy

Xiaohui Fan (樊晓晖)

Visiting Chair Professor
Office: 213
Research interests: first light and reionization, surveys of high-redshift galaxies and quasars, supermassive black holes, intergalactic medium

Gregory J. Herczeg

Youth Qianren Research Professor
Office: 204
Research interests: Accretion onto young stars, disk dissipation mechanisms and disk structure, observational diagnostics of wind-launching mechanisms, pre-main sequence stellar evolution, chromospheric and coronal activity around dwarf stars

Kohei Inayoshi

Assistant Professor
Office: 203
Research interests: Black hole formation and evolution, gravitational waves

Linhua Jiang (江林华)

Youth Qianren Research Professor
Office: 206
Research interests: Extragalactic astronomy and observational cosmology, high-redshift quasars and supermassive black holes, high-redshift galaxies, cosmic reionization

Kejia Lee (李柯伽)

Youth Qianren Research Professor
Office: 308
Research interests: pulsars, gravitational waves

Lixin Li (李立新)

Office: 104
Research interests: Black hole physics, accretion disks, X-ray binaries and QPOs, GRBs and supernovae, AGNs and jets, cosmology, gravitational lensing, dark matter and dark energy, brane world and extra dimensions

Yingjie Peng (彭影杰)

Youth Qianren Research Professor
Office: 214
Research interests: observational cosmology, galaxy formation and evolution

Lijing Shao (邵立晶)

Assistant Professor
Office: 217
Research interests: gravitational waves, pulsar astronomy, new physics beyond the standard model

Jing Wang (王菁)

Youth Qianren Research Professor
Office: 216
Research interests: Galaxy formation and evolution

Ke Wang (王科)

Assistant Professor
Office: 219
Research interests: Star formation, interstellar medium, radio interferometry

Ran Wang (王然)

Youth Qianren Research Professor
Office: 304
Research interests: formation and co-evolution of supermassive black holes and their host galaxies in the early universe

Qingjuan Yu (于清娟)

Office: 106
Research interests: Black hole physics. Planetary and stellar dynamics. Galaxy formation and evolution, galactic nuclei, and cosmology.

Joint Faculty

Pau Amaro-Seoane

Visiting Faculty
Research interests: stellar dynamics, LIGO/Virgo/LISA black holes, data analysis and gravitational-wave search algorithms, planetesimal dynamics, scalar fields and collisional dark matter, and GPU computing

Xian Chen (陈弦)

Assistant Professor; joint appointment with the Dept. of Astronomy
Office: 305
Research interests: Dynamics and radiation processes in the vicinity of black holes, Galactic Center dynamics, gravitational-wave astrophysics.

Zhuo Li (黎卓)

Bairen Research Professor; joint appointment with the Dept. of Astronomy
Office: 108
Research interests: gamma-ray bursts and supernovae, high-energy cosmic rays and neutrinos, relativistic collisionless shocks

Fukun Liu (刘富坤)

Professor; director of the Dept. of Astronomy
Research interests: supermassive black hole binaries, accretion disks and active galactic nuclei

Eric Peng (彭逸西)

Associate Professor; joint appointment with the Dept. of Astronomy
Office: 212
Research interests: Galaxy formation and evolution, stellar populations, galaxy dynamics, globular cluster systems

Claudio Ricci

Visiting Faculty
Research interests: AGN

Rainer Spurzem

Professor; joint appointment with the NAOC
Office: 213
Research interests: modelling dense stellar systems, galactic nuclei with black holes, relativistic dynamics, N-body simulations, parallel many-core and accelerated computing

Renxin Xu (徐仁新)

Professor; joint appointment with the Dept. of Astronomy
Research interests: particle astrophysics, pulsars, quark stars, neutron stars

Hu Zhan (詹虎)

Adjunct Professor; Hundred Talent Program; joint appointment with the NAOC
Research interests: Cosmology, dark matter, dark energy, large-scale structure, survey science

Bing Zhang (张冰)

Research interests: high energy astrophysics, gamma-ray bursts and relativistic jets, black holes, neutron stars, fast radio bursts, multi-messenger astrophysics, gravitational waves and electromagnetic counterparts

Huawei Zhang (张华伟)

Associate Professor; joint appointment with the Dept. of Astronomy
Office: KIAA 202
Research interests: Stellar Chemical Abundance, NLTE Abundance Analysis, Galactic Archaeology, Galactic Structure and Chemical Evolution, Star Formation

Former Faculty

Zuhui Fan (范祖辉)

Professor; associate director of the Dept. of Astronomy
Research interests: cosmology, gravitational lensing, cluster of galaxies, galactic dynamics

Richard de Grijs (何锐思)

Research interests: young massive star clusters, Internal star cluster dynamics

Xiaowei Liu (刘晓为)

Professor; joint appointment with the Dept. of Astronomy (2015-03 to 2018-03)
Research interests: wide-field astronomy, spectroscopy, Galactic archeology and near-field cosmology, interstellar medium, atomic and molecular processes, radiation mechanisms

M.B.N. (Thijs) Kouwenhoven (柯文采)

Bairen Research Professor
Research interests: formation and evolution of binary and multiple stellar systems, dynamics of planetary systems, star formation, N-body simulations, the initial mass function

Huirong Yan (闫慧荣)

Bairen Research Professor
Research interests: cosmic ray physics, ISM theories, astrophysical magnetic field, turbulence, dust dynamics, supernovae, cluster of galaxies, GRBs, accretion disk

Douglas N. C. Lin (林潮)

Director Emeritus (2007-03 to 2011-12)
Research interests: formation, structure and evolution of planets, dynamics of planetary systems, protoplanetary disk

Martin C. Smith

Bairen Research Professor (2009-09 to 2012-08)
Research interests: Galaxy formation/evolution, in particular the structure and evolution of the Milky Way; data mining with photometric/spectroscopic surveys; variable stars and gravitational microlensing.

Marcel Zemp

Bairen Research Professor (2011-09 to 2014-08)
Research interests: cosmological structure formation, dark matter, dark energy, N-body techniques, dynamics, and black holes