Bing Zhang (张冰)

Cheung Kong Visiting Chair Professor
Research interests: 
high energy astrophysics, gamma-ray bursts and relativistic jets, black holes, neutron stars, multi-messenger astrophysics
Research Highlights: 

Prof. Zhang is a theoretical astrophysicist. His research focuses on understanding the underlying physics of the high energy universe, including systems containing black holes of  different scales and neutron stars of different species, relativistic jets launched from these systems as well as their interaction with the ambient medium. Most of his research papers are dedicated to understanding gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), the most luminous explosions in the universe, but his publications also cover a wide range of topics in astrophysics, including gamma-ray and radio pulsars, magnetars, fast radio bursts, active galactic nuclei, tidal disruption events, white dwarfs, neutrinos and cosmic ray physics, electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources, dark matter, strange quark stars, planetary collisions, etc. Prof. Zhang is a team member of NASA's GRB mission, Swift, and was involved in several future mission concepts in the US (JANUS, POET), China (SVOM, DAMPE, Einstein Probe), and world wide (A-STAR, LOFT).


张冰教授是理论天体物理学家。他的研究主要集中在理解宇宙高能现象背后的物理规律,研究对象涉及各种尺度的黑洞和各种品种的中子星,从这些系统中产生的相对论性喷流及其与周边介质的相互作用。他的大部分论文是关于宇宙中最明亮的爆发现象伽马射线暴,另外他发表的论文还涉及天体物理的许多其它方面,比如伽马射线和射电脉冲星,磁星,快速射电暴,活动星系核,黑洞潮汐撕裂现象,白矮星,中微子和宇宙线天体物理,引力波源电磁对应体,暗物质,奇异夸克星,行星碰撞等。张冰是美国宇航局伽马暴卫星Swift科学组成员,并参与一些美国(JANUS,POET),中国(SVOM,DAMPE,Einstein Probe),及其它国家(A-STAR,LOFT)的未来空间计划。