PKU Astronomy Held the Mid-term Self-evaluation of the Double First-rate Discipline Construction


Xuebing Wu gave the introductory remarks


On July 11, 2019, the mid-term self-evaluation of the Double First-rate Discipline Construction of PKU Astronomy was held at KIAA.  


The evaluation committee was composed of 8 senior domestic and foreign scholars in astronomy and astrophysics, including Jiansheng Chen (CAS Academician, UCAS/PKU professor), Ronggen Cai (CAS Academician, Acting Director of ITP, CAS), Gang Zhao (Acting Director of NAOC), Jianmin Wang (Professor of IHEP), Aigen Li (Professor of University of Missouri), Paul Ho (Director of EAO, Hawaii), Michael Brotherton (Professor of University of Wyoming) and Adam Showman (Professor of University of Arizona).  Attendees from DoA and KIAA were Luis C. Ho (Director of KIAA), Xuebing Wu (Chair of DoA and Associate Director of KIAA), Huawei Zhang (Vice Chair of DoA), Zhuo Li (Vice Chair of DoA), Fukun Liu (Professor of DoA), Jie Yao (Institute Manager of KIAA and DoA) and Shuyan Liu (Science Secretary of KIAA).


Xuebing Wu gave the introductory remarks. He introduced the attendees and the procedure of the evaluation, explained the background of the Double First-Rate Discipline Construction and the procedures of the mid-term self-evaluation. Then he gave a report on the status of teaching and talent training at DoA and KIAA.  Luis C. Ho gave a report on the recent progress of PKU astronomy, which showed the achievements in various aspects that have been made from January 2016, as well as the challenges to be resolved.
The evaluation committee was highly impressed by the success of PKU Astronomy. They think that “its performances in scientific research, in cultivating future generations of talent astronomers, in leading and participating in national and international key projects, and in generating external grants are truly exemplary – at the highest level in China, and among the highest level globally.”  The members had an in-depth discussion and generated the evaluation report.