An Investigation Group Led by PKU Vice President Gang Tian Visited KIAA


On July 12, 2019, an investigation meeting of PKU Astronomy was held at KIAA. The investigation group was led by PKU Vice President Gang Tian, consisting of 15 leaders from various university offices. Luis C. Ho, Director of KIAA, Xue-Bing Wu, Chair of DoA and Associate Director of KIAA, Jiansheng Chen, Founding Director of DoA, Huawei Zhang and Zhuo Li, Vice Chairs of DoA, attended the meeting.

Jiansheng Chen, Gang Tian, Yuanning Gao, and Bo Shen are in the meeting.

Xuebing Wu gave a progress report


Xuebing Wu gave a report on the discipline construction progress of PKU astronomy, including the history, mission, organization, facilities, personnel recruitment, research team, exchange programs, teaching, and recent scientific achievements.  He concluded with a discussion of the difficulties and challenges faced in the course of PKU astronomy discipline construction.  

Bo Shen and Yuzhong Ren are in the meeting.
Yuning Li and Suiyan Fu are in the meeting.
Yuanning Gao (高原宁), Dean of School of Physics, Bo Shen (沈波), Deputy Director of Science Department, Suiyan Fu (傅绥燕), Director of Academics Affairs Department, Yuzhong Ren(任羽中), Director of Policy and Regulation Research Office, Yuning Li(李宇宁), Secretary General of Education Foundation, Hui Cai(蔡晖), Deputy Director of Scientific Research Department, Tianbing Wang(王天兵), Deputy Director of Graduate School, Qu Yu(俞渠), Deputy Director of Human Resource Department, Jiangying Zhao(赵江英), Deputy Director of Finance Department, Tao Kang(康涛), Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department, Jun Wu(吴军), Deputy Director of Housing Department, Zhao Liu(刘钊), Deputy Director of Research Office of Party Office and University Office, Fei He(贺飞), Deputy Director of Discipline Construction Office, Shuai Yuan(原帅), Office Director of Science Department, and Jie He(何洁), General Office Director of Discipline Construction Office offered feedback on the issues raised.
The leaders from university offices had active discussions on the current status of PKU astronomy and its future development. They were all impressed by the internationalization, high-quality talent training and outstanding scientific achievements of PKU astronomy, and made many suggestions on solving some problems. 
In his concluding remarks, Vice President Gang Tian appreciated the rapid development, vibrant academic atmosphere and growing international influence of PKU astronomy in recent years, and expressed the full support from the university to the PKU astronomy discipline.