Xue-Bing Wu’s Team Awarded the MOE First-class Prize in Natural Science in 2017

The discovery of the most luminous quasar with the most massive black hole in the early Universe, made by a team led by KIAA associate director Xue-Bing Wu, was awarded the first-class prize in natural science in 2017 by Chinese Ministry of Education. The 6-member team includes KIAA faculty member Ran Wang and two former PhD students Feige Wang and Wenwen Zuo in Wu’s group.


The discovery paper was published in Nature on February 26, 2015 as one of the four highlighted papers on the cover of that issue, and was selected as one of top 100 discoveries by Discover Magazine in USA and one of the top 100 articles by Altmetric website in UK in 2015. It was also selected as one of the top 10 China’s achievements in science in 2015 by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and one of the top 10 achievements in science and technology in 2015 from the Universities of China by Chinese Ministry of Education.