The 2018 KIAA-PKU Astrophysics Forum Held at KIAA

Group Photo

The 2018 KIAA-PKU Astrophysics Forum was held on Dec. 3-4, 2018 with the topic “China’s Future Ground-Based Astronomical Facilities”. More than 100 participants attended the forum.

kiaa forum 1

 Participants in the Discussion Session

Spanning the two days of the forum, there were 22 talks presented on various topics from future ground-based facilities to technical requirements and collaborations. Researchers from major astronomical institutes introduced their future telescopes and facilities that are being planned or constructed. Following the talks, there were a series of extensive discussions on relevant science and technology.

 Some of the Speakers in the Forum



Given the lack of modern observing facilities in Chinese astronomy, the forum not only provides a platform for exchanging ideas and communications between individuals and institutions, but also strengthens collaborations and promotes future developments of ground-based facilities in China. The KIAA-PKU Astrophysics Forum, an important annual academic event of KIAA-PKU, has already played a critical role in developing Chinese astronomy.