Postdocs at KIAA Won Competitive Awards and Funds


Jingjing Shi                                           Yuanpei Yang 

Postdoc Office at Peking University has announced the awardees of the 4th round PKU Boya Fellowship and the 2017 PKU Outstanding Postdoc Award. Jingjing Shi, who will be a KIAA-ICRAR Fellow since this December, is awarded the PKU Boya Fellowship, and Yuanpei Yang, who is currently a KIAA-CAS Fellow and has won award from the Innovative Postdoc Support Program sponsored by the national China Postdoc Committee before, is awarded the 2017 PKU Outstanding Postdoc.

Dongyao Zhao


The China Postdoctoral Science Fund awardees have also been announced. Dongyao Zhao won the 62nd General Fund, as one of the 6 postdocs in PKU astronomy who won grant funding from either the General or Special Fund from the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation in 2017.


                                John Graham                                    Chandrachur Chakraborty                         


Two international postdocs at KIAA, John Graham and Chandrachur Chakraborty, won Research Fund for International Young Scientists sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China.


Postdocs in PKU astronomy have received more awards and funds from PKU and the national government, and have maintained a high rate of postdocs with successful proposals of any department at PKU, which makes KIAA postdoc program one of the flagships of PKU astronomy.


The 4th Round PKU Boya Fellowship:

2017 PKU Outstanding Postdoc Award:

China Postdoctoral Science General Fund:

2017 Research Fund for International Young Scientists: