PKU Party Secretary Ping Hao visits KIAA

On April 27, 2017, a group led by Ping Hao, Party Secretary of Peking University (PKU), consisting of Song Gao, Vice President of PKU and leaders of various functional departments of the university visited KIAA, to hold a meeting with Luis C. Ho, Director of KIAA, Xue-Bing Wu, Associate Director of KIAA, Fukun Liu, Chairman of the Department of Astronomy, and various faculty members and postdoctoral researchers.

Luis C. Ho gave a report on the current status of KIAA, including the current developments in astronomy research and training in China and Asia, the history, mission, organization, facilities, personnel recruitment, research team, exchange programs, teaching, and recent scientific achievements of the institute.  He concluded with a discussion of the difficulties and challenges faced by KIAA. Xuebing Wu introduced the financial situation of KIAA, and raised issues concerning the management system and housing policy for foreign faculty.

Pingwen Zhang, Director of the Disciplinary Development Department, Dawei Mao, Director of the Finance Department, Suiyan Fu, Director of the Academic Department, Xuesong Yin, Director of the Housing Department, Changliang Dai, Deputy Director of the Human Resource Department, Ya Deng, Secretary General of the Education Foundation, and Hui Cai, Deputy Director of Scientific Research Department, offered feedback on the issues raised and expressed their full support for KIAA.

Song Gao noted the rapid development, vibrant academic atmosphere and growing international influence of KIAA in recent years.  He suggested that KIAA should foster better communication with the Department of Astronomy and formulate a long-term development plan, including a unified, comprehensive strategy for the development of astronomy at PKU. 


Ping Hao concluded the meeting by expressing his appreciation for the contribution that KIAA has made to build a world-class institute with limited resources over a short period of time.  He said that PKU will do its best to support KIAA to resolve its current challenges in terms of operating budget, salary and housing benefits, and administrative staffing.  Lastly, he expressed his hopes that KIAA will concentrate greater efforts in external fund raising, public lectures, and public outreach, by nurturing a truly harmonious domestic and international faculty, to jointly develop KIAA into a first-class institute in China and in the world.


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